What are the Most Common Types of Architectural Window Film?

Madico® architectural window films are designed to cover every angle, providing energy efficiency along with aesthetically pleasing design to beautify your home or office.


What are the most common types of architectural window film?

The good news is that whichever film you choose, all Madico architectural films block 99% of UV rays. Now let’s start with Reflective – a traditional film that is reflective in appearance. These films reject up to 98% of heat, keeping homes and offices more comfortable. Reflective films provide privacy, cut glare, and help to lower energy costs.

Dual Reflective films provide sun protection while reducing daytime heat and glare. The film also offers optimal nighttime views by reducing the interior reflectivity of glass, providing a more natural view.

Neutral films are less reflective than traditional films – reducing glare and preventing heat gain, all while providing a natural neutral tone.

Made specifically for exterior applications, exterior films cut annoying glare, block 99% of UV rays, and help lower cooling costs while providing a uniform exterior appearance.

Solar Safety and Security. These combine safety and security film with solar control properties, to reduce the energy consumption of a building.
There you go. Madico has you covered at every angle.