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SafetyShield® for Schools

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According to the International Window Film Association (IWFA), “Safety/security window films applied to glass are tested to the same break safe standards required of tempered glass, heat-strengthened glass, and laminated glass.”

Madico’s SafetyShield films have been extensively tested by independent testing facilities and meet Safety Glazing criteria as defined by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Council (CPSC) and Underwriters Laboratories. As a manufacturer, our SafetyShield solutions have been subjected to both high explosive charges as well as shock tube blast mitigations to meet or surpass GSA and ISO blast criteria. Where most manufacturers test for minimum code requirements, Madico’s films have always met or exceeded the requirements of more U.S. and international standards for safety & security.

Product Details

SafetyShield films and proprietary Anchoring Restraint Systems help to delay intrusion caused by acts of terror and civil unrest. These well-engineered safety & security products provide 24/7 passive protection that can be relied on the instant a threat occurs, substantially improving security for all buildings. SafetyShield is installed only by certified Premier Partners who have been thoroughly trained in all aspects of the film and anchoring systems.

SafetyShield film products are available in a range of thicknesses to meet every unique threat level. Solar and view control options are also available to provide complete protection to occupants.  

SafetyShield View Control Films

  • Improved privacy: Safety and security window films can also improve privacy by making it more difficult for people to see inside the building. This can be particularly beneficial for glass located in busy or high-traffic areas.
  • Controlled day time view: View Control film systems can enable the person within the building to see out while limiting or even preventing the person outside the building from see in.  These are systems are often called “one way” or “dual reflective”. 


Stands up to Mother Nature

Our safety & security films are engineered so glass is shatter-resistant against high-powered winds and storms, preventing water and wind-borne debris from entering.

Reduce Hazards from Explosions

Broken glass is one of the main causes of death or injury during an explosion. Madico window security films reduce these hazards by keeping shattered glass together.

Leave Criminals Empty Handed

By holding shattered glass together, our window security laminate films deter and slow smash-and-grabbers because they can’t get in quickly, as well as looters from illegally entering.

Technical Resources

Technical Assistance

Architects, specifiers, and engineers can direct project-related questions about Madico Safety film solutions to our advanced engineering technical group here.


Printed Materials Available

Additionally, testing results, product design guides, brochures, and film and attachment samples are available to qualified architects and specifiers here by request.

SafetyShield Anchoring Systems

There are four different patented and proprietary Anchoring Restraint System solutions available – each with its own level of performance. Our highly-trained Premier Partners will work with you to select the appropriate Anchoring Restraint System, in conjunction with the application of our safety film, to meet your specific criteria and threat concern.

The FrameGard Anchoring System when used in conjunction with SafetyShield film has been specifically engineered to keep treated glass within the frame when an incident has occurred. It is a “mechanical” attachment system that clamps the filmed glass to the window frame. This system improves and extends the principle of edge battening by incorporating a specific movement zone (patent applies), which allows the film to move under the applied load without putting excessive force on the fixings and frame. The benefit of FrameGard is that it allows engineers and installers to precisely determine torque settings for each individual installation, creating a truly custom solution.
The GullWing Anchoring System, when combined with Madico SafetyShield window film, is designed to absorb and disperse the energy that the filmed glass is subjected to and transfer the reduced load over the entire glazed opening. By absorbing and distributing the load, the system is designed to retain the filmed glass in the opening and thus reduce the probability of glass fragments and debris from entering the room.
In the event of glass breakage, the Wet Glaze Anchoring System, when combined with SafetyShield window film, is designed to absorb and disburse the energy that the filmed glass is subjected to and transfer the reduced load over the entire glazed opening. By absorbing and distributing the load, the system is designed to retain the filmed glass in the opening and thus reduce the probability of glass fragments and debris from entering the room.

The Wet Glaze system is economically viable in retrofit applications and is built around a triangular sealant joint connecting the film to the supporting framing members. To achieve acceptable performance, a very high-performance sealant must be used. We recommend Dow Corning® 995 Silicone Structural Adhesive or GE SCS2000 SilPruf™ Sealant.
The LifeLine Anchoring System is based on a simple principle, “restraint”. This system is one of the most effective ways to mitigate injury and reduce property damage in the event of a catastrophic blast. The LifeLine System works in conjunction with a standard application of SafetyShield film. The system’s energy-absorbing cords slow down and catch the filmed lite of glass, often returning it to the direction in which it came. This straight-forward system has been blast tested up to 10 psi. Due to its somewhat industrial appearance, LifeLine is primarily used in factory or manufacturing applications.

Professional Resources

These and other resources for architects and engineers can also be downloaded from ARCAT.

Professional Resources

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