Superior Fire Safety Glass Film for Ultimate Protection

Fire Safety

Madico’s CL 800 PS SR Fire Glass Film is engineered to provide enhanced fire-rated safety glazing for various applications. This film ensures the highest level of protection while maintaining optical clarity and durability.

Fire Safety Film

Benefits of CL 800 PS SR Fire Glass Film

Madico’s CL 800 PS SR Fire Glass Film offers numerous advantages, ensuring safety and durability for various applications.

Fire Safety

Meets safety glazing requirements for fire-rated, ceramic, and wire glass applications.

Scratch and Scuff Resistant

Provides a durable surface that resists scratches and scuffs, maintaining a pristine appearance.

Optically Clear

Maintains the clarity of glass, ensuring visibility and aesthetic appeal.

Retains Broken Glass

Holds shattered glass together, reducing the risk of injury and enhancing safety.

Resistant to Chemicals, Cleaners, and Solvents

Withstands exposure to various chemicals and cleaners, ensuring longevity.

Fire Safety

Product Overview

Madico’s CL 800 PS SR Fire Glass Film is a specialized solution designed for fire-rated, ceramic, and wire glass applications where safety is paramount. This 2-ply laminate of optically clear polyester film and proprietary adhesive system delivers exceptional UV protection and scratch resistance. It is ideal for use in commercial and government buildings, schools, airports, and any location requiring fire-rated safety glazing. The film's unique properties ensure it retains broken glass, providing an additional layer of safety. Easy to apply in both new and retrofit applications, CL 800 PS SR enhances the safety and longevity of glass installations.

Product Specs


M956326 CL 800 Fire Glass Film Sheet

This document provides comprehensive details on the CL 800 PS SR Fire Glass Film, including its benefits, applications, physical properties, and testing data, helping you understand why this film is the best choice for fire safety glazing.