Advanced Eye Protection

VueTek Eye Protection

VueTek AR 11 window films by Madico are designed to reduce reflectivity and enhance visibility while providing superior ultraviolet protection. Ideal for various applications, these films ensure clarity and safety with environmentally friendly materials.


Benefits of VueTek AR 11 Window Films

VueTek AR 11 window films offer numerous advantages that cater to a variety of applications, ensuring optimal performance and safety.

Minimizes Reflectivity for Better Visibility

Reduces distracting reflections on glass surfaces, enhancing clarity and viewability.

Cost Effective Solution

Offer patients and clients complimentary eye protection with this cost-effective solution.

Lightweight & Disposable

VueTek is designed to be disposable, eliminating the need to disinfect eye protection between procedures.

VueTek Eye Protection

Product Overview

VueTek AR 11 window films from Madico offer a cutting-edge solution for reducing glass reflectivity, ensuring clear and undistracted views in multiple settings. With an impressive 99% ultraviolet protection, 97% visible light transmission, and only 2% visible light reflection, these films are perfect for retail displays, medical devices, industrial applications, and more. Constructed with environmentally friendly materials that comply with EU RoHS and REACH regulations, VueTek AR 11 films are not only effective but also safe and sustainable. Additional benefits include anti-spall properties for enhanced safety, scratch resistance for durability, and significant reduction in the fading and discoloration of goods.

Common Applications Include:

  • Post-mydriatic patients’ light-sensitive eyes

  • Tanning booths

  • UV-curing procedures such as teeth whitening

  • Laser treatments of the face

  • Surgery

Product Specs


M956284 VueTek AR 11 sheet

This document provides detailed information on the benefits, applications, and technical specifications of the VueTek AR 11 window films.