Glass-Gard Interlayer

Glass-Gard Interlayer

Product Details

Glass-Gard interlayer laminate film is designed to improve ballistic and security glass products. This product offers an excellent solution for reducing weight, adding strength and increasing the safety of glazing. 

Available in 150 cm/60” width and 182 cm/ 72” width.

Common applications include:
  • Vehicle sunroofs, side/rear lights
  • Forced entry-resistant glazing
  • Detention facility glazing
  • Mass transit vehicles
  • Skylights
  • Security doors


Improved Glazing
Reduce weight, add strength, and increase the safety of glazing.
Optically Clear & Durable
Excellent optical performance and chemical-resistant offering durability.
Adhesion-Promoting Primer
Ensures bonding to PVB interlayers after an autoclave process.

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