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A global manufacturer with 120 years of experience, produces window films and related products for the automotive, architectural, safety & security, device, and OEM sectors.

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120 Years of Innovation

Since 1903, Madico has led with pioneering innovations in high-quality window films, enhancing life for our customers and empowering dealers and distributors worldwide.

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Madico leverages over 50 experts and eight distribution centers to empower certified dealers, ensuring clients receive the best-suited film solutions.

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Developed in Pinellas Park, Florida by our team of PhDs, engineers, and craftsmen, our high-quality films are produced at our state-of-the-art facility, ensuring immediate availability and rapid shipping worldwide.

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SafetyShield films and proprietary Anchoring Restraint Systems help to delay intrusion caused by acts of terror and civil unrest. These well-engineered safety & security products provide 24/7 passive protection that can be relied on the instant a threat occurs, substantially improving security for all buildings. SafetyShield is installed only by certified Premier Partners who have been thoroughly trained in all aspects of the film and anchoring systems.

  • Perimeter Protection
  • Vision control
  • Energy Savings
  • Cost Effective

Transform your space with Sunscape® premium architectural window films. Enjoy the benefits of advanced technology that ensures cooler summers, warmer winters, and reduced glare and UV exposure. Providing long-lasting comfort and protection, Madico's innovative films are designed to meet the diverse needs of both residential and commercial properties. Choose Sunscape for unparalleled performance and style.

  • Reduces Energy Costs: Sunscape films dramatically reduce energy costs by rejecting heat in the summer and retaining it in the winter, increasing overall comfort.
  • Blocks Harmful UV Rays: Eliminates more than 99% of harmful UV rays, preventing fading of furniture and posing fewer health risks to your family and guests.
  • Minimizes Glare: Reduces annoying glare, making it easier to enjoy natural light without discomfort or eye strain.
  • Natural Appearance: Features a natural, non-reflective appearance, preferred by interior designers worldwide for aesthetic enhancement.
  • Lifetime Warranty: Sunscape films are warranted for as long as you own your home, ensuring long-term performance and protection.

ProtectionPro provides advanced, on-demand screen and device protection for both consumers and potential retail or distributor partners. The ProtectionPro system offers a wide selection of cut-on-demand machines and quality films, enabling businesses to deliver custom solutions for various devices—from car navigation systems and phones to specialized screens in healthcare, automotive, and military sectors, enhancing their revenue streams while providing screen protection for all their customers. And with over 13,000 retail and repair stores globally offering ProtectionPro, consumers can find bespoke screen protection at many local retail or repair stores. The ProtectionPro platform is driven by the industry's state-of-the-art app, offering easy-to-use ways to provide coverage for over 48,000 screen designs with hundreds more added weekly.

  • Expansive Design Database: ProtectionPro supports over 47,000 device patterns, including the latest models like the Samsung S24 series, with new designs added every week.
  • Variety of Protection Options: Offers a selection of films such as Ultra2, Ultra Matte, Ultra HD, Omni, and Privacy films to suit different customer preferences and needs.
  • Cut-On-Demand Technology: Our range of cut-on-demand machines allows for precise and tailored screen protection, eliminating the need for extensive inventory.
  • Easy Application: Supports both wet and dry installation processes, ensuring a seamless application that enhances customer satisfaction.
  • Global Reach: Currently serving over 13,000 retail and repair stores worldwide, ProtectionPro is designed to maximize profits and streamline inventory management for businesses

ViewScape by Madico introduces an innovative solution for transparent roof structures, offering unparalleled clarity, strength, and solar performance. Designed for long-span applications, ViewScape is perfect for stadiums, airports, concert venues, and cultural facilities, providing a versatile and robust alternative to traditional materials.

  • Superior Strength: ViewScape is four times stronger than traditional ETFE, allowing for longer spans with fewer secondary support elements and no reinforcing cables.
  • Customizable: Tailor ViewScape to meet specific thermal and aesthetic requirements, ensuring optimal performance for any project.
  • Simplified Design: With fewer layers, cushions, and reinforcing cables, ViewScape reduces visual clutter and simplifies transportation, construction, and installation processes.
  • Exceptional Clarity: The material offers high visibility without glare, enhancing the aesthetic appeal compared to fritted ETFE.
  • Thermal Control: Integrated solar control features provide the benefits of both ETFE's clarity and the strength of conventional translucent building materials, optimizing energy performance.


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