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Frost Matte

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Frost Film

Benefits of Frost Matte Decorative Films

The Frost Matte decorative films by Madico offer numerous benefits, including enhanced privacy, light control, and effective solar energy management. These films also provide superior UV protection, improve energy efficiency, and reject infrared radiation, making them an excellent choice for both commercial and residential applications.

Privacy Enhancement

Frost Matte decorative films provide a translucent appearance that mimics etched glass, effectively enhancing privacy in various settings such as offices, restaurants, and residential spaces.

Light Control

These films transmit 67% of visible light while reducing glare by 25%, allowing for a well-lit environment without excessive brightness.

Solar Energy Management

With a Total Solar Energy Rejection (TSER) of 31%, Frost Matte films help in managing solar heat, making indoor spaces more comfortable by reducing the amount of solar energy transmitted (62%) and reflecting a portion of it (14%).

UV Protection

Offering UV rejection of over 99%, these films protect interiors from harmful ultraviolet rays, which can cause fading and damage to furnishings and other items.

Energy Efficiency

The shading coefficient of 0.80 and solar heat gain coefficient of 0.69 contribute to improved energy efficiency by minimizing heat gain from solar energy, thus potentially reducing cooling costs.

Infrared Rejection

With 38% infrared rejection, Frost Matte films further contribute to thermal comfort by blocking a significant portion of infrared radiation, which is a major component of heat.

Frost Matte

Product Overview

Frost Matte film by Madico is a decorative window film that mimics the appearance of etched glass, offering a translucent look that enhances privacy without sacrificing natural light. It transmits 67% of visible light and reduces glare by 25%, creating a comfortable and well-lit environment. The film effectively manages solar energy with a Total Solar Energy Rejection (TSER) of 31% and reflects 14% of solar energy externally, contributing to a cooler indoor space. Additionally, Frost Matte film provides exceptional UV protection by blocking over 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays, helping to prevent fading and damage to interior furnishings. Its infrared rejection of 38% also aids in thermal comfort by reducing the amount of heat that penetrates through the windows. This versatile film is ideal for use in offices, restaurants, and residential settings where both aesthetics and functionality are important.

Product Specs

Product specs
Visible Light Transmitted 67%
Visible Light Reflected External 18%
Visible Light Reflected Internal 18%
Glare Reduction 25%
Total Solar Energy Transmitted 62%
Total Solar Energy Reflected External 14%
Total Solar Energy Absorbed 24%
Shading Coefficient (SC) 0.80
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) 0.69
U Factor 1.02
UV Rejection ≥ 99%
Emissivity 0.85
Light to Solar Gain 0.97
Total Solar Energy Rejected (TSER) 31%
IR Rejection 38%
Infrared Energy Rejection (IRER) 31%


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