People pass by your business’s front windows every day. What do they see? Do they get excited to come inside, or do they continue walking, unaware you’re there or what you do?

Window displays let companies make the most of foot traffic. A retail window display grabs attention while business window film tells passersby exactly what’s going on on the other side of the door. Learn more about each type of window decoration and how they can help you attract customers and make sales.

About Window Displays

Window displays are often a person’s first introduction to your company. They let you show off what you have to sell while celebrating upcoming sale events or holiday promotions. For example, major department stores like Saks Fifth Avenue and Macy’s are so well-known for their eye-catching, attention-grabbing holiday window displays that some people plan trips to visit them as part of their holiday traditions.

You can convey plenty of information about your business through a window display, such as:

  • Recently stocked products and new arrivals.
  • Ideas and inspiration for how to use your products.
  • Information about upcoming or current sales and promotions.
  • Brand information using your company colors and logo.

A window display invites people into your business. If you operate a retail establishment, the display should make a person want to come in and shop. If you run a fitness center, the display should make someone want to sign up for a membership. A restaurant’s window display should make people’s mouths water so much that they can’t help but stop in for a bite to eat.

Tips for Decorating Your Storefront With a Window Display

Creating store window displays involves more than gathering a bunch of items you sell and placing them front and center. The window display needs to make people look twice and consider coming into your business. Some things to keep in mind as you dream up store window ideas include:

  • Tell a story: What’s the purpose of your display? Are you promoting a sale, the newest arrivals at your store or a public holiday? Think of how you can use existing merchandise to tell a story. One way to do that is to choose a theme. For example, a love-centric theme for Valentine’s Day using your store’s newest chocolate selections is relevant and enticing.
  • Clear the clutter: When it comes to designing a window display, less is often more. A rule of thumb is to remove one item from the display after you think it’s finished. Think of what you want to highlight through the display, then take away things that distract viewers from your goal.
  • Know who’s going to be passing by: Think about who will see your display and how. Do people primarily drive by your business? If so, they’ll likely miss small details, so you should focus on larger elements. If your business sees a steady stream of foot traffic, your display can contain smaller elements. Consider who you want to respond to the display. What’s your target demographic or audience? Think of their wants and needs when choosing a theme and included items.
  • Use lighting to your advantage: Lighting can make or break a retail window display. Consider the lighting you use to illuminate the display, as well as the effect sunlight or outdoor lighting will have on it. Will glare from the sun make it difficult for people to see what’s happening with the display? Is there enough light on the display at night that it stands out to people walking or driving by? Should your lighting be soft and warm or bright and colorful?
  • Keep the display fresh: You don’t need to change the display every week, but it’s a good idea to freshen it up every so often. Create a display schedule based on the seasons or holidays with a neutral, easy-to-customize evergreen display ready to go between special events.

About Decorative Window Film 

While a window display consists of items your company sells, decorative window film attaches to the glass, showing off photos of your products or services with eye-catching designs. You can use decorative window film on its own to grab attention and convince people to come into your business or incorporate it into a window display with items for sale. Window film creates a backdrop for your window display and adds a finishing touch.

Aside from decoration and promotion, there are a few other benefits of using window film as part of your company’s display. The film can block the sun’s ultraviolet rays, protecting people, furniture and other items inside of your business. It can also be tinted to provide privacy. For example, people dining near the windows of a restaurant might like to look at the street but may also appreciate that people passing by can’t see them while they eat.

Not every company has space for a large window display, but decorative window film lets you tell a story without creating clutter, even in small spaces, by adhering directly to the glass.

Tips for Decorating Your Storefront Glass With Window Film 

Whether you decide to use commercial window film on its own or incorporate it into a larger window display, follow these tips:

  • Have a goal in mind: What do you want the window film to do for you? Is it going to tell its own story, block the sun or give your shoppers privacy? Knowing what you want from the window film will help you choose a product and design that works for your space and meets your needs.
  • Keep it clean: Just as it’s important to minimize clutter when creating a merchandising display, you must reduce unnecessary items when decorating with window film. When potential customers see your windows, you want them to know exactly what they see without distraction.
  • Think long-term: While you might change out window displays seasonally, window film can last longer. Choose a versatile design that will work well in each season. You can easily remove and replace the film if you change your mind about the design later.
  • Know your audience: Think about who will see your windows and how they are likely to respond to its design. Like window displays, people walking by are more likely to see small details than those who drive by.

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