Clean restroom with mirrors that have protective film

Graffiti and destructive vandalism can harm the perception of your business. Create an environment that deters instances of vandalism by quickly removing any evidence of graffiti or etching.

While there is no one simple trick to prevent graffiti altogether, a few strategies can help reduce the impact property defacement has on your public restrooms.

Use Anti-Graffiti Film

One of the most commonly defaced areas of a public restroom is the mirror.  While there are many reasons for this, one is that graffiti is made to be seen, and nearly all individuals who use a public restroom will glance in the mirror, even if for a moment.

Using anti-graffiti film on restroom mirrors provides a barrier to help control vandalism. Once defaced, the film can be easily removed. The film is simple to install and replace, which helps preserve your mirrors and save money on replacements.

Common applications of graffiti-free film in public bathrooms include:

  • Stores and restaurants: Stores must project a clean, inviting image, and most customers expect that to extend into the restrooms. Anti-graffiti film makes it easy to peel away any scratches or markings so retailers and other businesses can quickly restore their bathroom mirrors to pristine condition.
  • Schools: School bathroom mirrors are a popular target for students who may not realize the harm vandalism causes. A sacrificial graffiti shield makes it easy to keep these glass surfaces clean. Plus, getting rid of it quickly stops fellow students from joining in on something because it seems cool.
  • Transit systems: Bathrooms at bus stops and transportation hubs can be frequent targets for vandals since they are open to the public and conveniently located. Anti-graffiti film offers a way to curb this problem.

Have Employees Monitor the Restrooms

Whatever your business, it may pay to have employees regularly monitor restroom usage and check restroom conditions. This can be especially helpful during your busier times when more people and rowdier crowds may be more prone to that kind of behavior. Having employees check restrooms lets users know the facilities are being watched, and it helps keep them tidy as well.

For some venues, it may even make sense to keep a full-time bathroom attendant on site. At crowded events like concerts and sporting events, bathroom attendants can provide many services. They keep the lines moving and deal promptly with any issues such as clogs and messes. At the same time, they have a watchful eye on your bathrooms at all times.

Remove the Graffiti Quickly

If your business does fall victim to graffiti, it’s essential to clean it up within 24-48 hours, if not sooner. Law enforcement experts claim that removing graffiti quickly is one of the best deterrents.

Approximately 80% of graffiti comes from taggers, whose primary motivation is to have their works seen and displayed as long as possible. The community of Paramount in Los Angeles County reduced graffiti by 68% between 2015 and 2018 in part by cleaning up all evidence of the crime within 72 hours and within 24 hours whenever possible. When your business consistently removes graffiti quickly, taggers will notice. Over time, they will avoid locations where their symbols are quickly removed.

Protective film makes it easy to remove mirror and window graffiti as soon as you spot it. Instead of experimenting with cleaners, trying to scrape paint or arranging to replace an expensive mirror, you can simply peel off the sacrificial film and have a new layer applied.

Add Warning Labels

An inexpensive method to deter taggers is to put noticeable warning labels on the walls of your restrooms. This will let any vandals know that they will be caught and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. You can place these directly in bathroom stalls to preempt potential vandals taking advantage of the added privacy.

While this may not prevent all graffiti, it may sway anyone still considering the crime. Following through on your promise to take legal action is also important. Even if the offender’s punishment is minor, such as a fine, you teach them and others in the community that property defacement comes with consequences. You may prevent the individual vandal from acting again and make others think twice before vandalizing your restroom.

Adding signs asking customers to report any graffiti will also help since you’ll be able to clean any markings up quickly.

Use a Labyrinth Entrance

A labyrinth entrance is an architectural design choice that provides privacy while deterring vandalism. Instead of a door, a winding hallway blocks visibility into the bathroom. This design has two benefits that can help prevent property destruction. First, sound can travel more easily out of the bathroom. The distinct sounds of graffiti, like the hiss of a spray can, are easier to pick up on from outside the entrance. This makes it harder for vandals to hide their activities.

Next, this style of entrance makes it harder to tell when someone enters the restroom. There’s no creek of hinges or jiggling of a door handle to alert a vandal that someone is coming. Without this warning, vandals are more likely to get caught, which deters many from attempting the crime.

Protect Your Restroom Mirrors With Madico®, Inc.

Distortion-free anti-graffiti film from Madico is easily installed and replaced. Extensively tested for quality and durability, our films can help provide peace of mind that your restroom is adequately protected from graffiti taggers and vandals.

Besides making it easier and more affordable to remove markings and etchings, they can also retain shattered glass. This can provide protection against vandalism in many forms and help keep your property safe. Learn how our commercial client El Pollo Loco uses Graffiti Free® film by Madico to protect their establishments and see the difference our products can make for your own property.

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