protekt window film keeps your car finish looking new

Window film can transform the look of your car while cooling the interior and preventing damage caused by long-term exposure to the sun. While considering adding film to auto windows, many automobile owners like to know whether window film fades over time, causing a need for replacement during the lifespan of the car.

Automotive films are generally designed to perform well past ten years with proper care. According to NBC News, the average lifespan for an automobile is eight years, meaning that with proper care automotive window film should outlast the lifespan of the average automobile. Yet, there are many factors that contribute to wear and tear of car window film.

Here are some factors that impact the life of window film:

Factors Impacting Window Film Lifespan

Product Type and Quality

Elements of the product like the type of film used and how it was installed impact how long it takes for window film to fade. Lower quality films may display color fading within months of installation; higher quality films could last up to 20 years.

Film without UV ray blocking polyester fades faster than those with it, and films that contain extruded dye or metal deposits last longer as well.

The Car’s Climate

Before determining how long your window film will last, consider the location where you live. Living in a northern climate will allow your car’s film to last longer compared to if you live in a warmer, more humid, southern climate. No matter the climate, you can always choose to keep your vehicle in a garage to minimize climate impact.

The Amount of Direct Sunlight to which the Car is Exposed

Do you park your car outside every day or do you park in a garage? If your car experiences daily exposure to the sun, this will speed up the rate of fading.

Maximizing Your Window Film’s Lifespan

To choose a car window film that will last the longest, do careful research before making a decision. Once you buy and install the window film, maintaining and cleaning it will be crucial to slowing down the fading process and getting your money’s worth. Ask your Madico® dealer for tips on how to properly clean and maintain your film.

While window film can gradually reduce in effectiveness due to exposure to the sun’s rays, Madico’s automotive window films are covered by a lifetime warranty for as long as you own the vehicle, so you can trust it will perform for many years to come.

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