When you want to protect your vehicle from UV rays and other environmental dangers, paint protection and window tint films are an excellent choice. While these films are already durable and long-lasting, you can increase their lifespan and maintain their appearance by appropriately cleaning and caring for them. Additionally, you can get the best performance from your films when choosing a top brand like Madico®.

Learn more about how to take care of your auto window film and auto paint film so you can enjoy their protection for years to come.

Taking Care of Auto Window Film 

After you add auto window film to your vehicle, you should know how to take care of it. This way, you’ll be able to get the most out of your investment. Find out more about the top ways to take care of your car window tint film below:

1. Wait to Clean Your Windows and Keep Your Windows Rolled Up

In the first few days following auto window tint installation, you’ll want to hold off on washing your car. Since the film needs time to cure, it’s best to avoid cleaning it until the process finishes. The curing process can take a few days, so you’ll want to check with your film manufacturer to see how long you should wait for that specific product.

Alongside waiting to clean your windows, it’s also important to keep your windows rolled up for the first two to four days, as the film takes some time to cure on the glass. Rolling your windows down could cause the tint to peel. Review the manufacturer guidelines to find out when you can safely roll down your windows.

2. Clean Your Windows Properly

Once you’ve given your car window tint film enough time to adhere to the glass properly, you’ll want to clean your windows. Knowing how to clean windows with tinted film can help you prolong their life and keep your films looking their best. Cleaning them regularly can ensure contaminants don’t build up and harm your film.

When it’s time to clean your windows, you should follow these steps: 

  • Spray warm, soapy water or an appropriate cleaner on the window. 
  • Wipe the cleaner off with a soft cotton or microfiber cloth. 
  • Spray the glass again and swipe a rubber squeegee across the surface until the window dries. 
  • Use a towel to remove any leftover cleaning residue on the window’s borders.

3. Use the Right Cleaning Products

If you need to use a cleaning product to remove debris, you should avoid any substances with harsh chemicals or ammonia. Instead, your best bet will be warm water and soap, as it’s gentler but still effective. If your window is extra dirty, choose a cleaner approved for cleaning ceramic window tint.

Taking Care of Auto Paint Film 

If you’ve added a film to the rest of your vehicle, you may also want to know how to clean paint protection film and care for it after application. Check out some of the top tips for taking care of your auto paint film below:

  • Wait to wash: When you add paint protection film to your vehicle, wait to clean it for at least seven days after installation. 
  • Take immediate action on certain debris: At times, tree sap, bird droppings and bug splatter will get on your car. These contaminants can be especially damaging to car paint protection film, so you’ll want to wash them off as soon as you notice them.
  • Avoid using a pressure washer: Avoid spraying the film edges directly. The jet of water can lift the edges, so keep an appropriate distance from your vehicle. This trick will preserve the film’s integrity.
  • Handwash your vehicle: Never go to an automated car wash to clean your vehicle, as their machinery can end up scratching your car or causing swirl marks to form on it. Instead, handwash your vehicle, rinsing it thoroughly before using a high-quality wash media and a car wash product compatible with the film.
  • Never wipe dry film: Always moisturize your coating or film before wiping it with a cloth or another cleaning tool to avoid damage.
  • Be gentle during cleaning: When you wash your vehicle, gently wipe away debris or dirt. Additionally, you should avoid using harsh chemicals to remove contaminants, as products with these ingredients can damage the film.

The Benefits of Choosing Madico Vehicle Film

When you pick Madico vehicle films, you can expect them to deliver exceptional protection and performance. Learn more about the benefits of ClearPlex® windshield films by Madico and our automotive tints below:

  • Exceptional UV protection: Our window films block 99% of potentially cancer-causing UV rays, keeping drivers and passengers protected. Alongside guarding drivers and passengers against UV rays, our windshield and window films protect the vehicle’s interior from fading and cracking due to prolonged UV-ray exposure.
  • Greater safety: In the event of an accident, automotive window and windshield film provide extra safety. Our windshield protection films help keep your windshield intact, and our window films can hold shattered glass together, with both of these features keeping anyone inside the vehicle safer.
  • Reduced glare: Our window films reduce glare in your vehicle that could interfere with a driver’s visibility. By reducing glare, a driver is less likely to experience eyestrain and drowsiness.
  • Enhanced style: Since you can find our window films in various colors and shades, you can also use them to outfit your vehicle with a fresh new look. If you select a darker shade, you can also increase privacy for anyone inside the car.

Alongside the benefits of automotive window tints and windshield protection films, you can also receive several advantages from using Protekt® Automotive Paint Protection Film by Madico. These benefits include:

  • Clear and resistant films: Our paint protection films are optically clear, meaning they let your vehicle’s paint shine without any distortion. These films are also incredibly resistant to discoloration, residue and stains.
  • Self-healing protection: Our Auto Paint Protection films feature a strong construction that’s virtually self-healing. They also come with a repositionable adhesive to make installation easier and strengthen the film’s connection to the vehicle. These films’ tough and self-healing protection can also save you money over time, as it reduces the need for expensive repainting and repairs. 
  • Fast installation: When you choose our films, you can expect a dealer to install them quickly. Since we designed them for easy installation, you shouldn’t have to leave your car in the shop for a long time while they install our films.

Find Your Local Madico Dealer

With all of the benefits of our films, you might be interested in adding them to your vehicle. We have a wide selection of automotive protection films, so you can find the perfect fit for your needs. We’re so confident in our films that we offer a manufacturer’s warranty for them in North America.

If you’re interested in adding our films to your vehicle, find and contact your local Madico dealer today. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.