You’ve just bought a new vehicle. It’s exactly the way you wanted it — beautiful colors, a perfect paint job, no scratches to be seen. You would love to keep it in this pristine condition, but even your first drive on the road could tarnish your paint. With sticks, gravel, bugs, bird droppings, salt, low-hanging trees, sap and other concerns, there are plenty of opportunities for your paint to get discolored, scratched or stained.

That’s where paint protection film comes in. Paint protection film is a clear yet resistant film that can help protect your vehicle’s paint from the hazards of driving. Your vehicle’s appearance won’t change, but the film will block stains and help prevent discoloration. As a bonus, most paint protection film is self-healing — if the film is scratched, it only takes a short time with a heat gun to make the scratch disappear.

Clearly, paint protection film can be very useful for vehicle owners. But is this film worthwhile for every type of vehicle? Find the vehicle you’re looking to protect below to see the benefits of paint protection.

On-Road Vehicles

When you first think of purchasing paint protection film for your vehicle, you probably immediately think of your car or truck. It’s true — your cars and trucks can greatly benefit from paint protection film, especially if you like to keep your vehicles in good condition. But while a lot of people already know about protection for their car or truck, other on-road vehicles can benefit from this protection, as well.


Purchasing paint protection film for motorcycles is an investment that cannot be overstated. Often, motorcycles are specifically chosen for their style, color and other visual attributes, so protecting a motorcycle’s paint job is important. 

With most of the motorcycle body so close to its wheels and to the road, motorcycles are especially impacted by scratches that come along with driving. Even if you have a custom or foreign motorcycle, you can still get the protection film cut and fitted especially for your vehicle. And once the film is on your motorcycle, the bike is easier to clean, the paint is still totally visible and scratches are simple to remove.

Recreational Vehicles (RVs)

Another on-road vehicle to consider purchasing paint protection film for is your RV. RVs are large and often drive for long stretches of time, particularly on road trips, making them especially susceptible to bug splatter and damage from gravel. 

RVs often experience a lot of climate- and weather-related damage, too. Forests or campsites can stain your vehicle with sap or scratch the paint with tree limbs. Driving down long stretches of highway under the blazing sun can fade your paint, as can rainstorms and high winds. But with paint protection film for RVs, you can keep your motor home looking great through every travel situation.

Off-Road Vehicles

While RVs might face environmental damages relatively often, off-road vehicles face these damages every time you use them. 

All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) and Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTVs)

Whenever they’re used, your utility vehicle or ATV is subject to the harsh assault of the great outdoors. Getting paint protection film for ATVs can save them from discoloration from the sun or sand, scratches from rocks or branches and other damages that come with having fun on off-road vehicles. The film also makes it much easier to clean off dried mud, grime and dirt that will inevitably cling to your ATV after every use.


One off-road vehicle you might not consider getting paint protection film for is your tractor. After all, tractors are meant to drive through fields all day — getting dirty is a part of their job. But they don’t need to stay dirty. 

By getting paint protection film for tractors, your farm equipment can be easily cleaned to look as good as new at the end of the day. Countless possible scratches from rocks, plants, dirt and more can all be avoided, and the film can block the sun’s UV rays from fading the paint color. If you want to keep your tractor looking new, or if you might want to trade it back in someday, getting paint protection film is the best strategy.

Benefits of Madico®, Inc. Paint Protection Film

If you’re looking for a quality paint protection film, look no further than Protekt Paint Protection Film (PPF) by Madico. Protekt PPF’s industry-leading film won’t alter your vehicle’s appearance, but it will protect it from stains, scratches, fading and discoloration. Once applied to your vehicle, the film is difficult to notice, and it will adhere tightly to your vehicle through any hazard. Similarly, with Protekt PPF’s self-healing capabilities, any scratch on the surface of the vehicle can easily disappear.

When you first get Protekt PPF for your vehicle, you’ll find that it is a fast, easy and cost-effective application. But Protekt PPF can save you money in the long run, as well. If any road debris causes you to need new paint protection film, it is much easier and cheaper to remove and replace the film than needing to repair an unprotected car. As a bonus, all purchases of Protekt PPF come with a seven-year warranty, guaranteeing the excellent quality of our paint protection film.

Get Protekt Paint Protection Film by Madico Today

There is never a better time to get paint protection film for your vehicle than the present. Whether you have a car, truck, ATV, motorcycle, jet ski, tractor or anything in between, Protekt PPF by Madico will make scratches, stains and discoloration problems of the past. To learn more about Protekt PPF or purchase it for your vehicle, contact us at our nearest dealer!