Heating your house can get expensive, especially when the winters are long and harsh. However, living in a cold home can be uncomfortable. Learn a few tips from Madico®, Inc. to stay warm this winter without spending lots on a heating bill.

6 Tips to Stay Warm This Winter

There are many ways to be cozy during winter without turning the heat on high. If you want to lower your heating bill or be more comfortable in the cold, consider our tips for staying warm.

1. Wear Layers

One of the easiest ways to keep warm this winter is by layering clothes. Sweaters, sweatshirts and long johns are great for wearing over or under other clothes. Fuzzy socks and slippers are must-haves in homes with cold floors. Wrapping yourself in a blanket can give you another layer, too.

2. Consume Hot Food and Beverages

Remember you can warm yourself up from the inside out! A hot bowl of soup is a common meal on cold days for a reason. Keep hot chocolate, coffee and tea on hand during the winter months so you can enjoy a steaming mug of your favorite beverage. A hot mug is also helpful for warming your hands.

3. Use the Heat From the Stove or Oven

Your stove and oven can generate a lot of heat in your kitchen. Make hot meals often during the winter to take advantage of the warmth the stove can provide. After you finish baking something, consider leaving the oven door open so the heat can escape and warm the kitchen.

However, use this tip with caution. Keep an eye on little ones and pets if you leave the oven door open so no one gets hurt. It’s also important to use this method sparingly, as it can increase carbon monoxide levels in your home.

4. Reverse Your Ceiling Fan

While you may normally avoid fans when you’re cold, setting your fan to spin clockwise on a low setting can help heat your house. Warm air rises, so it sits around ceiling level. Turning the fan clockwise helps to push the warmer air back down to floor level.

5. Move Your Body

As much as you may want to stay curled up under blankets, staying still for long periods can make your body stiff and cold. A great way to generate body heat is through movement. Be active inside your house as much as possible. Whether you clean, play a game or exercise, activity can help raise your body temperature. 

6. Invest in Window Film

One of the most effective ways to keep your house warm without adjusting your thermostat is to install Madico window films.

When you think about how window film works, the fact that it keeps harmful UV rays and heat out of your home makes logical sense, but did you know that window film also retains heat inside of your home? Considering that the average home loses about one-third of its heat through windows and doors, window film can go a long way toward conserving energy and keeping your winter heating costs down.

The sun is closer to the earth during the winter, which means even more exposure to its damaging UV rays. More than half of all UVA rays — the ones responsible for premature skin aging and skin cancer — can come through your windows. But window film lets you enjoy the natural light and views while protecting your skin and furnishings. Window film also reduces glare, which may be more of a problem in the winter when UV rays reflect upward off of the bright snow.

Heat is attracted to cold, so hot air will flow to cold windows. But with solar control window film that absorbs the sunshine, windows are kept warm. This keeps the warm air within the room and requires less heat from the heater to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Find a Madico Film Dealer

Madico window films can do more than control your home’s temperature. These films reduce glare, increase the life of your windows and help hold together shattered glass. Installing window film can cost significantly less than having to replace damaged windows.

Consider the numerous places for and uses of Madico window film, and find a dealer to start improving the heat retention in your house this winter.