Designer-inspired film adheres to open office plans while enhancing design and safety

Many businesses have increased employee productivity by shifting their workplace design from the traditional layout of walled cubicles and conference rooms to an open, more collaborative environment. Unfortunately, the ideal solution of using etched glass doors and partitions to allow more light and enhance safety and design have been cost-prohibitive for many businesses. Until now.


Madico® Window Films, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of automotive, solar, safety and security window films, today introduced Decolite®, a new decorative window film line that allows businesses to enhance their interior settings by retrofitting glass to appear etched.


Decolite, which comes in an array of classic and elegant patterns, achieves the effect of etched glass at a fraction of the cost. It provides a sense of privacy while not completely eliminating the sense of openness that many businesses strive for today and which traditional walls and partitions can do.


Although most commonly found in commercial properties, Decolite film can also be utilized in residential spaces.


The benefits of the Decolite film include:


  • Protects the life of furnishings and fabrics by screening up to 98% of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays
  • Allows for plenty of light while offering private surroundings
  • Increases safety by reducing the likelihood of flying shards in the event of glass breakage
  • Offers decorative enhancement to any office or home with a variety of patterns
  • Makes glass partitions more visible

“For businesses seeking a more modern office design, the look of etched glass can really add a distinct, unique appearance to a workplace,” said Jeffrey Plummer, Senior VP of Sales, Marketing and Distribution for Madico Window Films, Inc. “Madico’s Decolite film offers an unbeatable combination of enhanced design, privacy and protection.”


The Decolite film can also be cut into patterns and designs that offer a true artistic customization to match the overall vision of any space. Decolite film is a registered trademark of Madico, Inc.