Florida-based Madico Window Films urges residents to learn more about window film’s advantages

A new report offers good news for Florida residents burdened with the ever increasing cost of electricity: Professionally installed window film is the most cost effective way to lower your energy bills. It’s more cost effective than other measures, like improving home insulation, air sealing or installing new air conditioning or heat pumps, according to a report commissioned by the nonprofit International Window Film Association.

Many homeowners and businesses throughout the State are already experiencing the energy saving benefits of Madico® Window Films, the only one of the four major window film companies with a manufacturing facility based in Florida. Examples include two “net-zero” energy-saving properties in Tampa Bay. Madico’s window films, sold under the Madico and Sun-Gard® brands, can block up to 86 percent of the sun’s heat, which can dramatically lower air conditioning costs.

“The report just received from the IWFA confirms that there isn’t a better long-term energy saving investment than window film,” said Jeffrey Plummer, senior VP of Sales, Marketing and Distribution for Madico. “Madico’s window film division, which is proudly headquartered in St. Petersburg, has a unique awareness of the challenges Florida residents face in controlling their energy costs year-round. Our factory has been here for 4 decades and employs over 100 Floridians. We urge Florida residents who are interested in learning more about the benefits of window film to contact their local Madico dealer.”

The IWFA report was conducted by energy consulting firm ConSol, a trusted name for over 30 years It compared the energy efficiency of installing internal and external window films for existing homes in several regions of Florida with measures such as adding insulation to the attic, replacing air conditioning equipment with a more efficient unit, and air sealing. Window film was found to be at twice as cost effective as any of the other measures. The full report can be downloaded by visiting www.iwfa.com.

Source: PRWeb