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Dec 29, 2021

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Cabins are known for having a quaint and cozy style that connects everyone within their walls to nature. The charm that cabins provide makes them the ideal sanctuary for many. Whether you have a cabin to elevate with your own personal touch or want to make your home feel like a cabin, you can do it. 

From rustic cabin designs to modern cabin interiors, you can create the perfect cabin atmosphere that suits your preferences. Take a look at some of these cabin decorating tips to start creating your ideal cabin atmosphere. 

Pick Your Theme

First things first: when you close your eyes and envision your cabin, what do you see? The most critical step to beginning any cabin decorating is to decide what kind of cabin you would like to have. There are many different styles to choose from, ranging from rustic to modern and everything in between. Explore some of these popular cabin decor ideas for inspiration. 

Modern Cabin

Cabins don't have to be old and rugged in appearance. Modern cabin ideas can help elevate a cabin from dull to delightful. The contemporary design meshes well with the natural beauty that a cabin provides. 

Modern Rustic

Mixing modern and rustic makes for an exciting space. Rustic cabin design ideas, such as adding exposed beams and stone fireplaces, help emphasize the natural elements of a cabin. Adding mid-century modern furniture and accents with a light color palette can add depth and layers across the entire space. 

Organic Modern

This modern style provides the perfect opportunity to use upcycled natural materials throughout the cabin. Keeping things in their raw, natural state invites texture and beautiful organic colors. Consider using an old refinished wood door as a headboard while matching it with modern lighting and wall panels. 

Light and Bright

Although many cabins are filled with dark, natural woods, that does not mean that is the only color option to choose from. A cabin can become cheerful and airy with light-colored wood and white-washed walls and stone. The right plush furnishings and soft-textured accents can help keep the cabin feeling rustic yet cozy. 

Dark and Moody

A dark and moody cabin can be the perfect style for those who like contrasting themes. Light, natural wood will look stunning and dramatic with black walls or beams. Splashes of white decor throughout will pop against a dark background while providing a contemporary feel. 

Don't Forget the Lighting

Lighting is one of the critical components to creating the ambiance you want for your cabin decor. Natural lighting and artificial lighting both provide gorgeous and practical sources. Consider what you have to work with regarding space and the tone you would like to determine the best ways to create the perfect lighting plan. 

Natural Light

Natural light is fantastic to work with. Not only does it carry out the organic vibe, but windows that allow natural light to flow through a cabin also allow nature surrounding the home to become part of the decor. Please take advantage of natural lighting whenever you can, but keep in mind that it changes throughout the day and the changing seasons. You will still need other light sources once the sun has set. 

Artificial Lighting

There are so many ways to change the feel of a room simply by changing the lighting design. From wall sconces and floor lamps to chandeliers and table lamps, lighting comes in various styles to complement your cabin ideas. It is ideal for scattering lighting across different levels in any space to ensure practical lighting for any time of day. 

Add Patterns and Textures

Once you have decided on your perfect cabin theme, it is time to consider various textures and patterns. A cabin does not have to be restricted to only wooden components. There are dozens of log cabin decorating ideas for incorporating other materials such as metal, stone and brick to add depth. Match these textures with picture-perfect patterns, and you are well on your way to the cabin interior of your dreams. 

Balancing Wood With Other Materials

Most cabins, especially log cabins, have no shortage of wooden details. For some, having wall-to-wall wood can be overwhelming and redundant. A great way to break it up and add some visual interest throughout a cabin. A metal-framed table with a stone top can be a nice change, while wrought iron light fixtures, antique metal signs and other items can add appeal. 

Incorporating Patterns 

Eclectic looks style well with the cabin interior. Incorporate interesting patterns for variety. Solid throw pillows mixed and matched with those with patterns can upgrade the entire feel of your cabin space. The beauty of designs is that you can use them to add bursts of personality. You can also consider patterned area rugs and window treatments. 

Choosing Furniture

Overstuffed armchairs, leather sofas and a classic rocking chair can be surprisingly warm and welcoming when placed together in the right way. Stay with warm, natural colors, such as mustards, browns and oranges to maintain the classic cabin feel. You could also choose to go with neutral colors, such as white and beige and add pops of green throughout to compliment the wood. 

The kind of furniture you choose for your cabin will help enhance the entire feel that you are trying to achieve. While it may be tempting to buy a complete matching set, it will feel cozier and inviting if pieces are mismatched yet complementary to one another. Adding a variety of furniture made of different materials will give the feel of hominess and personal style instead of a staged setup in a department store.


Explore these material choices available for furniture. They will be sure to enrich any cabin design ideas. 


There is something incredibly luxe yet rustic about leather. Leather furniture provides a rich and natural feel in any cabin. Not only is it durable, but it comes in an array of natural colors ranging from light to dark, providing a variety of options. 


Made of natural fibers, linen makes an excellent cabin decor option with beautifully raw and natural elements. Affordable, durable, and eco-friendly, linen has a natural luster and sheen. This feature matched with natural colors from beige to ecru gray makes it look elegant while staying organic. 


This material is incredibly soft and gives off the instant vibe of luxury. Because of its softness and array of colors, velvet furniture can add a touch of softness and texture to a cabin filled with wood, stone and metal. 


A trendy and affordable material, cotton furniture comes in various styles to suit everyone's tastes. It is durable and comes in an endless variety of colors and patterns, making it the best option for selecting items with a personalized flare. 

Unique and functional features

Not every cabin has to stick with the same style of a rugged wooden home, although some log cabin decorating ideas are hard to get away from. Every cabin should reflect the type of its owner, and luckily, there are many design options out there for incorporating unique cabin features while still staying functional. 

Wood Burning Stoves

Maybe your cabin does not have a fireplace, but you want the warmth and ambiance that only a wood-burning fire can provide. Wood stoves are a fantastic alternative to a fireplace and give a warm, rustic focal point in any room it may be in. They also heat quickly and efficiently, making them an ideal heating option for the whole cabin. 

Exchange Chairs For Benches

You can make many fond memories on benches around campfires. Bring that nostalgia indoors and replace your kitchen or dining room chairs with beautifully rustic wooden benches. This cabin design tip will amplify the entire cozy cabin vibe and make the space feel more personal. 

Free-standing Kitchen Units

Most cabin kitchens are on the smaller side. However, you can maximize space and practicality with the use of free-standing units. You can take advantage of upcycling vintage furniture, such as a dresser, and turn it into the perfect countertop with a butcher block. Search for kitchen islands to add more surface space and you are good to go. The best part is that you can rearrange these units any time you like. 

Adding Accessories and Accents

Now that you've taken care of all the essential details, it's time to turn the focus to the little things. Choosing the right accessories and accent pieces for your cabin will put the finishing touches on the entire design. Whether you want to keep everything organic and soft or you would like to have pops of color that are loud and cheery, there are many routes you can take to complete the cabin of your dreams. 

Integrate Faux Fur

To break up the earthy elements throughout the cabin, consider adding faux furs throughout. Area rugs, blankets and throw pillows made of faux fur will add a natural appeal while bringing softer touches to break up the hardness of wood and stone. Faux-fur accents will also add texture for a rustic look that is not too much. 

Use Candles

Whether battery operated or the real deal, candles give off the ultimate cozy and rustic vibe. Coming in many sizes, shapes and colors, candles bring relaxing warmth to any space. Go with candlesticks for a bit of drama or place tealights inside lanterns for a genuinely homey yet straightforward feel. 

Colorful Geometrics

Adding pops of color can liven up a cabin and give it a fun mood. When selecting area rugs or drapes, go for an appealing geometric pattern with a pop of color to complement the room. 

Organic Elements

For a genuinely organic atmosphere, nothing can beat nature itself. Incorporate pieces of the outdoors inside your cabin by strategically displaying rocks, branches, pinecones and more. A gorgeous bowl with pinecones placed on a stone coffee table can look simple yet stunning. Setting wild flora in a vase can add some life and natural charm. 

Natural Wall Art

Every room needs a focal point, and what better way to create one than to fill a wall with natural art? A gallery wall designed with nature in mind that displays different plant prints is a great way to celebrate nature. Photos, paintings and even real pressed plants all make excellent and exciting art choices. 

You can also choose to add wall-mounting or hanging plants in the area to boost the entire design. Not only do indoor plants add freshness and elegance to a room, but they also help increase oxygen levels. Live plants are the ultimate living accessory. 

Decorative Window Film

Decorative window film is a great way to add personalized design to the windows in your cabin for an affordable cost. Not only do they come in a variety of styles, patterns, and colors, but they also act as an attractive way to increase privacy.

If you love the natural light that flows through your cabin windows but you don't like the thought of leaving your windows bare to the outside world, decorative window film is an excellent alternative to window coverings. Window film allows light in, provides undistorted views, and customizes as you see fit. If you have a space where little natural light is preferred, blackout options block 100% of light transmission. 

Decorative films can not only provide a personalized touch to your modern cabin ideas, but they also serve as a helpful barrier to harmful UV rays. Protect your furnishings from fading from too much sun exposure while adding to your style. Window film can also help protect your skin from UV rays, as well. 

Find a Madico Window Film Dealer

Madico has been creating innovative products for our customers since 1903. Our dealers are located throughout North America and proudly distribute our distinguished products around the globe. We are dedicated to providing superior-quality window films for every purpose. Whether you want window film for your automobile, home or commercial property, Madico has a wide selection of options that are sure to please. 

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  • Light control: Perfect for home theaters and other rooms that require light reduction, we offer tinted films that range from light-filtering to 100% blackout. 
  • Fading prevention of indoor furnishings: The sun can even cause damage to the furnishings in your home over time through fading. Prevent your furnishings from losing their like-new appearance. 

Learn more about window film with our various selections of articles on the topic. 

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