While most people know about window films’ ability to extend windows’ life, reduce glare and lower air conditioning costs, they offer some crucial safety benefits, too. By retaining shattered glass through the window film’s adhesive, safety window films can protect building occupants from personal injury and stop shattered glass from damaging interiors. This feature can also impede crimes such as breaking and entering. No matter how the glass shatters, whether through an accident, severe weather, crime or sometimes even explosions, Madico®, Inc. window film helps keep the broken pieces together.

Accident Protection

Safety window films mitigate the dangers of broken glass during an accident inside your home, office or car. When glass shatters, the broken shards pose the threat of severe injury, and in some cases, death. We engineer safety film for glass with a powerful adhesive that makes this fractured glass less hazardous and keeps the fragments in place, securely attached to the film.

Crime Protection

Statistics reveal that 23% of home burglars gain entry through a first-floor window, while 34% use the front door. Glass doors and windows can make for easy access to a home or building. Smash-and-grab crimes can affect businesses, homes and even parked cars. Intruders often try to shatter the glass because it lets them enter the property quickly and get away sooner.

With some security films, the glass is more impact-resistant, making it harder to penetrate even with a heavy object. And if would-be burglars manage to break the glass, it won’t fall apart, so the thieves often become discouraged and move on to an easier target.

Protection From Natural Disasters

While steady wind doesn’t usually pose a threat to windows, a powerful storm can produce sharp wind gusts, putting added pressure on the glass. According to the National Weather Service in Portland, Ore., hurricane-force winds, which reach speeds of 75 miles per hour or more, are powerful enough to break windows. Wind can also pick up stones and debris or knock down tree branches, which may break glass on impact.

Specific security film window systems including safety film and attachment systems can offer impact resistance for natural disaster mitigation. For example, the GullWing® Anchoring System, which holds the SafetyShield by Madico window film in place, absorbs and disperses energy from impacts. It then transfers the load over the entire glaze. 

When the glass breaks, it remains within the window frame, along with the film. This technology keeps wind, rain and flying debris out even as the storm continues. Retaining the broken glass shards also minimizes property damage and potential injuries. And, since severe weather can happen at any time, with little or no warning, security films provide passive protection 24/7.

Protection From Explosions

Post-incident analysis of explosion sites reveals that broken glass is one of the leading sources of injury and death in many of these events. A single square foot of glass can produce up to 200 deadly, razor-sharp fragments. While no building material can completely stand up against industrial explosions, bombs or other catastrophic events, some highly specialized security films attached to the window frame with patented anchoring systems have proven effective in reducing the risk of breakage.

Additional Benefits of Safety and Security Window Film

Of course, window film can offer the security your home, business or car needs. It also has many benefits aside from safety. Your investment can provide the following advantages.

  • Anti-vandalism protection: Security film goes on the window’s exterior. If a vandal tries to mark the window with etching or graffiti, the film is easy to peel off and replace. It’s much faster and more affordable than cleaning paint off glass or replacing a window altogether. This benefit goes well with security film’s anti-intrusion advantages, since windows vulnerable to breaking and entering may also be susceptible to graffiti.
  • Interior protection: Security film can block up to 99% of ultraviolet light. Since UV rays contribute to the fading and deterioration of furniture, carpet, flooring and artwork, window film can preserve your interior décor.
  • Temperature control: Window film can also absorb or reflect the sun’s heat, and some models can also enhance insulation. This feature prevents heat from entering your building through the windows, making it more comfortable and more affordable to air condition.
  • Glare reduction: If you choose tinted or reflective security window film, you’ll also reduce some of the visible light that passes through the glass. Tinted windows can reduce glare — especially on computer screens or while driving — and increase eye comfort.
  • Aesthetics: Window film comes in many styles and options. You can choose from tinted films in shades of bronze, silver or gray, reflective and non-reflective options. You can also find frosted textures or printed designs, which can complement your décor or branding.

Find Window Security Film Products by Madico

At Madico, we manufacture our window films to the highest standards to help you keep your property, family or building occupants safe in the event of shattering glass. With durable adhesives and quality construction, these films also come with a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty for any North American installation. Learn more about the safety and security features of Madico products, and search for a dealer near you to outfit your windows with security film.