While window films are commonly known to extend the life of windows, reduce glare, and lower cooling costs, there are other several other important benefits to consider— the safety benefits. Window films can offer protection against the risk of personal injury and property damage in the case of accidents, severe weather, crime, and in some cases, even explosions.



Accident Protection


Security films are designed to offer protection from broken glass during an accident inside your home, office, or car. When glass breaks, the shattered pieces pose a serious danger that can cause severe injuries, and in some cases, death. The films are engineered with a powerful adhesive that reduces the hazard of broken glass and keeps the pieces together, safely attached to the film.



Crime Protection


Glass windows and doors are the easiest way for criminals to gain access to your home or business. With the popular smash and grab crimes, the intruders count on the fact that the shattered glass will allow them to enter the property quickly and leave just as quickly. With certain types of security films, the glass isn’t easily penetrated, even when struck by a heavy object. And if they do manage to break the glass, it won’t shatter so the thieves often become discouraged and move on to an easier target.



Protection from Natural Disasters


When a powerful storm moves through a neighborhood, town, or city, strong wind gusts can rush inside homes and offices, causing serious structural damage, even collapsing structures from the inside. Specially designed security films prevent the glass from shattering, keeping the wind, rain, and flying debris out during storms and other natural disasters. By holding the glass together, these films minimize damage caused to your property, as well as prevent potential injuries to people nearby. And, since severe weather can happen at any time, with little or no warning, security films provide passive protection 24/7.



Protection from Explosions


Research conducted after explosions, points to flying and broken glass as one of the main causes of death or injury. In fact, a single square foot of glass can produce up to 200 deadly, razor-sharp fragments. While nothing can completely protect against powerful industrial explosions, bombs, or other catastrophic events, some highly-specialized security films attached properly to the window frame with patented anchoring systems have been proven to be effective in reducing the risk of glass breakage.