It’s no secret that remote work offers a few unique advantages. Between eliminating a commute, more flexibility in scheduling and a better work environment, employees working from home get to enjoy certain perks every day. There’s even a chance to decorate your home office to your exact tastes.

Though creating your own home office design can be fun, you may not know where to begin. There are several key components to consider as you start planning your office space — location, furniture, technology and decorations. Read the guide below for home office decorating tips to give you the best possible home office setup.

Things to Consider Before You Start

Determining the location of your home office is the most fundamental step in the work-from-home setup process. It’s important to find a strong balance between being comfortable in your workspace and remaining productive throughout the day. For optimal performance and health, your home office should ideally be at a desk or table in a private room, free of distraction and conducive to working efficiently for an entire workday.

Consider the following aspects of an office to choose the best place for your home office: 

  • Windows: The positioning of your desk in relation to your windows makes a big impact on your workspace. Take advantage of natural lighting when you can to give your eyes a rest from your computer screen. Keep in mind that the view from your window could become distracting throughout the day. The optimal desk position for you may be near enough to the window to enjoy the lighting without facing the view directly so you can stay focused on your work. 
  • Access to rest of home: If you need to keep an eye on kids or pets throughout the day, move your office space into an accessible area that offers some privacy while giving you easy access to your family. This location could be a first-floor room or even your kitchen table.
  • Privacy: Depending on your work preferences, you may need complete privacy to concentrate. If you have the option to dedicate an entire room to your office, you can keep the door closed while you work for optimal privacy. If you’re working in a common or shared space in your home, consider getting a space divider for added privacy and sound absorption.
  • Space: Because you’re going to be spending a lot of time in your home office, making sure you can fit all your supplies and have enough room to move around throughout the day is essential. Test your space out a bit before committing to it as your workspace so you can ensure you’ll be comfortable there. 
  • Outlets: When you work from home, technology is your lifeline and outlets are a necessity. Ensure there’s at least one outlet near your designated work area so you can easily plug in your devices. If not, invest in an extension cord to make your workflow smoother. 
  • Appearance: While your home office’s appearance may not be your top priority, it does impact your overall mood and productivity, so it can affect your work. Choose a spot you can easily decorate or stage in a way that will inspire you to be at your peak performance level.

Choosing Furniture

When you start home office decorating, your furniture choices matter. A practical yet comfortable work area is essential for working full days at home. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend much money to create a relaxed work area. Below, you’ll find the most important furniture components to have in your office.

1. Purchase a Functional Desk

There are a few key components to consider when shopping for a suitable home office desk for you, including:

  • Height: Ensure your desk is high enough to give your legs plenty of clearance. If possible, invest in an adjustable desk so you can personalize its height to meet your specific needs.
  • Positioning: Many people are turning toward standing desks for increased well-being. Being able to stand throughout your workday will ensure you’re less likely to experience health issues that come from sitting for too long. If you don’t want to invest in a standing desk, you could try a standing desk converter that sits on your desk instead.
  • Size: Make sure your desk surface gives you enough space to comfortably work throughout the day. 
  • Storage capacity: Get a desk that can readily store all your necessary equipment. Look for desks with drawers and organizers if you need a lot of supplies on hand.

2. Invest in an Ergonomic Chair

The way you sit throughout your workday could have lasting impacts on your well-being and job performance. An ergonomic chair for your home office is crucial to maintaining strong posture and promoting productivity. Look for the following qualities in a chair for optimal performance: 

  • Adjustable height: An easily adjustable chair gives you the ability to customize your seating to provide you with optimal positioning relative to your desk.
  • Lumbar support: Make sure your seat offers plenty of support for your lower back to promote healthy posture and reduce back pain, even after long periods of sitting in one position.
  • Breathable material: A chair’s material should have enough padding and breathability to keep you comfortable throughout the day.
  • Strong backrest: The backrest of your chair should support the natural curve of your spine. An adjustable backrest will give you greater control over its angle for a personalized fit.

3. Select Appropriate Lighting 

Installing proper lighting that limits glare and shadowing in your workspace can help reduce eye strain, fatigue and headaches. Having appropriate lighting in your home office will ensure you stay focused, even when you have to look at a screen for eight hours each day. Opt for indirect light sources — either natural or artificial — to keep your area well-lit and comfortable.

4. Get Proper Storage and Shelving

Depending on your work, you may want or need additional storage beyond your desk drawers. Consider investing in shelving units that fit within easy reach of your desk for convenient access to your files and other necessary items. Keeping everything you need throughout your workday close to your primary workstation lets you work more efficiently.

Setting Up Technology 

Today, technology is a crucial component of work. Between your phone, computer and tablet, you likely use at least one electronic device during the workday. After you have your basic furniture in place, the next step is to figure out how you’ll arrange your technology for optimal work performance and organization.

If you’re just starting to work from a home office, you may also want to consider investing in some new tools to manage your technology better. There are several affordable accessories that can help streamline your work setup. Consider purchasing the following technology accessories to improve the comfort and quality of your work from home life:

  • High-speed internet: A strong Wi-Fi connection is a crucial aspect of remote work, as internet access is necessary for nearly all workspace functions, including video conferences, research and email correspondence. Equip your home office with high-speed internet for an efficient work environment.
  • Dual monitors: Depending on your field, investing in two monitors may be worthwhile. Having dual monitors can streamline many processes, making it easier for you to navigate between multiple browsers.
  • Mouse and keyboard: Whether you’re working from a laptop or monitor, purchasing a separate mouse and keyboard can improve your comfort and workflow throughout the day. These accessories will make it easier to navigate your computer and increase your typing speed for higher levels of efficiency.
  • Wire management: With all of your accessories and tools, you may have a few extra wires around your workspace. To keep your desk clutter-free and fully functional, get a few hooks or cable ties for a simple solution for organizing your cords.
  • Headset: A quality headset offers an effective solution for reducing distraction from outside noise. It’s also a great way to increase your focus and comprehension during meetings, as you’ll be able to hear better. If you enjoy listening to music, a headset can improve your listening experience by providing a clearer, high-quality sound.
  • Webcam: With a webcam, you can improve your image’s quality during meetings. When you have important video-based conferences for work, present yourself in a more professional light with a high-resolution webcam for clear video footage.
  • Home office calendar: Consider picking up a home office calendar that synchronizes with your work calendar and displays conferences, meetings and scheduled calls. Try placing it outside your office door so your roommates, children or partner know when you’re busy or need extra quiet time.

Adding Decorative Touches

While some people work best in a neutral, minimalist environment, others prefer to work amid lots of color, artwork and items they love. One of the best advantages of working from home is the ability to control all aspects of your home office decorating. As you work on your home office setup, you’re free to decorate as you see fit, creating an environment that inspires you to be productive during your workday.

Regardless of your personal tastes, you want to create a workspace that makes you happy and encourages you to do your best work. Consider the following home office design tips and ideas to improve your workflow and provide some tasteful decorations that suit your aesthetic:

  • Plants: Having plants in your workspace can brighten up the area, increase air quality and even potentially reduce stress. That’s a lot of benefits for a simple, inexpensive and decorative touch in your home office. Place one or two low-maintenance plants in your workspace to receive the full benefits of plants in your work environment.
  • Mirrors: Mirrors offer many design advantages for home offices, especially if you’re working in a small or dimly lit area. These decorations add an illusion of extra space, boost natural and artificial lighting and can hide imperfections in your room for a more aesthetically pleasing workspace.
  • Decorative window film: If you have a window in your home office, consider using home window film as a practical and decorative addition to your workspace. These films offer increased privacy with an added decorative flair while still giving you plenty of natural lighting.
  • Colors: One of the easiest ways to transform your home office is to add color. Whether you paint the walls or incorporate a color theme through decorations and art, you can use color to promote productivity, relaxation, focus or urgency, depending on your choice.
  • Whiteboards or bulletin boards: Consider including a whiteboard or bulletin board in your home office for a practical yet decorative way to improve your efficiency and remember important tasks. These boards take up little room yet allow you to implement visual reminders and schedule updates throughout the day. Use them to display inspirational quotes, art pieces, photos and more.
  • Wall art and photographs: Sometimes, the best way to motivate yourself is to surround your space with images and art that bring you positive emotions and encourage you throughout your workday. Include pictures of loved ones, prints of your favorite paintings and more in your home office design for an uplifting work environment.
  • Built-in organization units: Keep clutter out of sight and work more efficiently when each of your tools has a designated place. Incorporate additional dividers, hooks, organizing trays or shelving units into your home office setup for a clutter-free, effective work environment.

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