Commercial Window Film Benefits

Madico window films protect your occupants, furnishings, and your bottom line, while enhancing the look of your building's appearance.

madico commercial film energy benefits

Energy Savings

By rejecting up to 86% of the sun’s heat, our window films dramatically lower air conditioning costs in warmer months, while retaining heat in winter to reduce heating bills.

Greater Comfort for All

Madico window film puts an end to office thermostat wars, helping regulate the temperature disparity between sunny and darker areas of your building.

madico commercial film fade protection

Fade Protection

Our films block almost 100% of harmful ultraviolet rays, to help reduce fading of interior furnishings and merchandise. That can mean huge savings on replacement costs.

madico commercial film increased safety

Increase Safety

Madico films are specially designed to hold broken glass in place, lessening the chance of injury and property damage. While also making forced entry more difficult for vandals and burglars.

A Beautiful Idea

Madico films eliminate visual clutter to give your building exterior a more attractive, uniform appearance.

Customer Testimonials

  • Time tested, made in USA. Madico team is accountable, technologically sound, provides impeccable clarity and quality, has an experienced and reputable team. Competitive and sensible. Trusted in the architectural, interior design and energy field as an easy upgrade technology, which provides both economic as well as aesthetic benefits for residential as well as commercial window treatments.

    Jack Mosel, Owner of Eclipse Window Film
    Houston, TX
  • “The new Purelite 60 film has really helped to reduce the heat coming through the windows of our Speedway Club ‘The Greatest Place to View the Race.’ Our fans can now look out over the World’s Greatest Speedway in even better comfort.”

    George Kail
    Executive Director, Charlotte Motor Speedway, Charlotte, NC
  • “One of the biggest benefits of the application of the Starlite 18 film is that we can now offer our customers a truly pleasurable dining experience. Since the film was installed, we are no longer receiving requests from guests to be reseated; saving us time and increasing the overall efficiency of the restaurant.”

    Darryl Benge
    General Manager, Amalie Arena, Tampa, FL
  • “We chose the Sunscape Advanced Ceramic film because it gives us great heat rejection, minimizes the glare and makes everything look crisper. The sun here can add 20° to the inside temperature within minutes and it made it hard to maintain a steady inside temperature. I love this stuff!”

    Bill Duffield
    Owner, Volvo of London, London, Ontario, Canada

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