Like other common misconceptions about window film, many people think it’s harmful to house plants. But that’s not the case. Just as window film can help conserve energy, it can also help your house plants.



A Green Thumbs Up


A Green Thumbs UpSolar control window film only blocks UV rays – not the red and blue rays that your plants need to grow and flower. And some plants will actually do better with window film, such as those that require less light (which are usually a dark green color). Delicate plants will also do better with window film because it provides a more stable temperature. So, for example, if you live in a hot climate during the summer, areas near sunny windows can get very hot and be harmful to delicate plants. Or even in normal circumstances, do you have certain plants that always seem to dry out or wilt on sunny days? Window film will help your plants retain moisture better. Just remember that all plants – especially fussy ones – need time to adjust to a new environment, so if you see wilting or color loss after installing window film, don’t panic. These issues should disappear after a few days.



Other Benefits of Window Film


Other Benefits of Window FilmBy rejecting the sun’s solar energy, window film maintains a more comfortable temperature in your home, reduces air-conditioning costs, and conserves energy. By blocking up to 99% of damaging UV rays, it protects your skin and offers significant fade protection for furniture, carpets, woodwork, and other interior furnishings. It also reduces glare to improve visibility, especially for computer and TV screens. All in all, window film makes your home more comfortable and inviting, letting you enjoy the outdoor views without any negative consequences.



If you’re interested in enjoying the many benefits of window film, from protecting your plants to lowering your energy bills, we invite you to find a dealer of Madico’s premium line of architectural window film, Sunscape.