5 Applications to Benefit Your Small Business

5 Applications to Benefit Your Small Business

We live in a technological world, and businesses both small and large can benefit heavily from the many resources available today. However, there are some specific applications and software that could make a huge impact on a small business, making life simpler and more profitable! Take a look at this list of five awesome apps that could do a lot for your small business ventures.

1. Quickbooks


Quickbooks is accounting software that helps to organize your business in the palm of your hand, or right on your computer screen. Use it to track your sales and expenses, as well as financial statements. Quickbooks also allows you to pay your employees and/or vendors and can connect to many bank accounts. Plus, it makes keeping track of business taxes simple by allowing you to upload pictures of receipts with your phone.

Cost: $10-$24 for the first six months and $13-$40 per month thereafter.

2. Freshbooks

Freshbooks is similar to Quickbooks, but was developed for billing purposes. This software allows you to make billing clients simple by keeping track of all things “finance” for you. Everything is done electronically and automatically, making your life easier and the billing process completely painless. Freshbooks also has a mobile payment feature, which makes accepting credit cards from any location a piece of cake!

Cost: $12.95 per month for businesses with up to five clients; $24.95 with six to 50 clients; and$39.95 with 50 or more clients.

3. Wave

Wave is an application made specifically for small businesses. This user-friendly accounting software can take care of all business needs including scanning receipts, paying employees, and managing invoices. Wave also just added a feature that assists with personal finances to help owners and managers of small businesses keep all of their finances in one place.

Cost: This is the best part: Wave is FREE!

4. Fuze

Fuze, a communication software, is great for keeping your business connected, providing video conferencing in high definition with exceptional audio. It works for all devices and iOS systems, making it a universal program that leaves minimal room for technological glitches that come with free software such as Skype.

Cost: The pricing for Fuze is custom depending on your business’ needs. Contact Fuze to create a personal plan.

5. TripIt

TripIt keeps traveling for businesses organized and easy to manage. This application puts all of your travel plans under one roof and one itinerary. Say goodbye to checking multiple confirmation emails and scrambling to gather plane tickets. With TripIt, all of this information is at your fingertips. It also allows you to check for departure times, delays, weather, and even gives you directions to the nearest airports.
Cost: TripIt is free upon sign up. However, TripIt Pro costs $49 per year.