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This video teaches how to install Madico® window film to an automotive side window. The instructor explains the tools you’ll need as well as the steps to take to prepare and install the film properly.

 11m 33s

This video teaches how to install Madico® architectural window film products to flat glass. The instructor explains what tools you’ll need as well as preparation and finishing steps.

 8m 48s

This video teaches how to properly install Protekt® PPF by Madico® – a transparent automotive paint protection film that eliminates scratches over time, making it virtually self-healing.

 10m 39s

Window film (window tint) is a polyester film generally made of PET, Polyethylene Teraphthalate, the same polymer used to manufacture water bottles.

 1m 24s

With a wide variety of shades, colors, and performance characteristics to the window films Madico® offers, we explain three main types.


Considering joining a LinkedIn or Facebook Group? Maybe it’s time you expand your reach through the power and convenience of online networking.

 2m 2s

Referrals are a whole lot cheaper than advertising. But how do you go above and beyond to turn a customer into an advocate for your window film business?

 2m 12s

Are you using your favorite pet’s name as a password to guard all of your company’s online accounts? If so, kiss your security goodbye.

 2m 15s

How do you run an efficient business, grow your operation, generate profits, and avoid costly mistakes? It starts with a business plan. Learn how to get yours started.

 3m 5s

Cool comfort and style are the most tangible benefits you first realize by having window tint installed on your car. Less obvious, but more importantly, is the healthful protection it provides.

 1m 08s

With so many types of window films to choose from, how do customers decide what’s best for their homes and commercial properties? A friendly Madico® dealer can help.


Madico® architectural window films are designed to cover every angle, providing energy efficiency along with aesthetically pleasing design to beautify your home or office.

 1m 19s

Here’s one most people don’t see coming. You can get skin cancer from unfiltered sunlight entering your home, just as if you were outside. Here’s what can be done about it.

 1m 32s

You may have heard that your window film business needs to stand out to be successful. But what does that really mean? It means communicating all the ways you excel over your competition.

 2m 55s

We’re an information society more than ever. But it’s a two-edged sword in that we’re drowning in ways to stay connected, often to our detriment.

 2m 10s

Madico® architectural window films are great for lowering cooling costs. And they can be just as effective at keeping your home warm when it’s cold outside.

 1m 16s

Think you’re safe from the sun’s harmful rays while driving or inside of a building? Au contraire! Sunlight through unfiltered glass can be just as damaging as a day at the beach. Find out how Madico® window film can provide solar protection.

 2m 07s

In addition to all the benefits our window films provide homeowners, Sunscape Window Films by Madico® enhance as well as protect with an aesthetically-pleasing design.

 1m 55s

You want window film to make cars look sleek and chic. Not deteriorate over time. Rest assured Madico® window film will look great over the long haul.

 1m 01s

Madico® stands behind its products with generous warranties so customers feel as comfortable with their purchase as they do enjoying the benefits of Madico window film.


Employees are the single most valuable asset to your window film business. Hiring good employees takes time and effort.

 3m 06s

Installing window film is best left to the expertise of an authorized Madico® dealer. Here’s a quick overview of how it’s done professionally.

 1m 10s

The sun is essential to our everyday life, providing light and heat to the earth. For all the positive things sunlight does for us, it also presents some dangers. Window film helps mitigate these dangers.


So, you’ve had window film installed on your car and/or your home or office windows. Is it okay to wash them right away? If not, when should you wash them?

 1m 24s

Window film may be best known for reducing glare and making interior environments more comfortable. As time passes, there are a lot more benefits than meets the eye.

 1m 54s

If you’re one to ignore online reviews, you do so at your own peril. You’ve got a reputation to protect and customers to make happy. Here’s how it’s done.

 3m 14s

You may see it coming around the same time each year. The off-season blues. Time to turn that slow-time into go-time to boost your window film dealership.

 2m 47s

If it’s Madico automotive window film, trust it will perform for many years to come. There are some factors that impact the life of window film, which you can learn about here.


The time it takes to install window film on a car depends on how many windows are to be tinted and the size of the vehicle. Here’s how long you can expect the process to take.


Curing refers to the drying process following window film installation. View this video to see how long curing takes and what to expect during this process.

 1m 27s

Are there reasons you can’t put automotive window film on building glass? Or for that matter, architectural window film on a car? Find out if all window film is created equal.

 1m 38s

More than 50% of skin cancers in the U.S. occur on the left side of the body, by sun exposure via the car’s driver-side and back windows. Alarming? Sure. Preventable? Let’s see.

 1m 21s

There’s a myth going around that unfiltered glass keeps your home and office cool. Here’s why that’s not the case and what you can do about it.


Installing Madico® window film on your home or office will slow the fading of your furnishings dramatically.


While everyone enjoys indoor house plants, most need some love from the sun, too. Will window film stand in the way of the sun nourishing healthy house plants?

 1m 14s

Notice how many large company leaders attribute success to their employees? It’s because it’s true. Let’s learn how to motivate your employees.

 2m 43s

Those who choose automotive window film by Madico® can rest assured they’ll have just as clear a view through their car windows as if there was no window film at all.


When solar radiation passes through a clear glass window, occupants are exposed to harmful UV radiation—whether it’s a car window or a window in your home. Find out how to use Madico window film to make your car and home safe from damaging sunlight.

 1m 47s

Choosing a window film for your vehicle starts with a selection of different films in varying shades and colors. But no one has to go it alone, as Madico® dealers can help customers make selections.

 1m 08s

To convince someone to install window film on a home or office, consider this. Electric utility companies across the nation are ready to help with rebate dollar incentives.

 1m 04s

Along with the aesthetic beauty and comfort window film offers, energy savings may be the leading reason to consider window film.

 1m 55s

There are dozens of reasons to install window film on the windows of a workplace. More comfort for the workers and greater productivity are great places to start.

 2m 05s

The word nanotechnology is used to describe anything that is 100 nanometers or less in size. So, we’re talking microscopic stuff here. Yet nanotechnology offers big rewards.

 1m 40s

Find yourself working alongside lots of people in various working trades and forging a great rapport with them? You may be looking at your next business opportunity.

 2m 22s

The word nanotechnology is used to describe anything that is 100 nanometers or less in size. So, we’re talking microscopic stuff here. Yet nanotechnology offers big rewards.

 1m 37s

Low E glass has a special coating that reduces ultraviolet and infrared light from passing through its glass. Find out how adding window film can give it even more benefits.

 2m 11s

Starting with a pristine work environment through to the exacting measurement, cutting, and placement of film, Madico® dealers recommend best practices for window film installation.

 2m 40s

Madico® dealer installers make window film installation look easy. But truly it takes knowledge, training, and hands-on experience to build up expertise. Share this video with customers to tell them why.

 1m 09s

For homes, commercial properties, transportation options—and for those who occupy all these things—window films offer a vast number of benefits to protect and improve lives.

 1m 19s

Work hard and you’ll go places. There’s something to be said for that axiom. But everything has its limits. Work too hard and it could cost you your business (and physical) health.

 2m 37s

Are you a window film dealer ready to rake in the profits from Day One? Reality check. It takes money to make money. Here are some tips on funding everything that’s needed to make your business successful.

 2m 09s

Like modern homes, open concept office design is in, too. But when privacy matters, decorative window film can add a touch of class to glass wall partitions for a chic look.

 2m 37s

Installing window film on a home or commercial property to save on cooling and heating costs is great. Customers saving on taxes is even better. Here’s how!

 1m 03s

You may hire an independent contractor, only to find out the law considers your new hire an employee. Be careful or you could suffer huge financial implications.

 3m 30s

From kindergarten to college and beyond—where classrooms may be sunnier and administrative offices shadier—window film can balance the climate for everyone.

 1m 51s

Why do you need a website? Here’s the first reason. If you don’t have one, no one’s going to find you when they search for window film companies online.

 3m 32s

Think you can run a business effectively all by yourself? Before you hire anyone, consider less risky outsourcing before you plunge into taking on a full-time staff.

 2m 42s