Demonstrating Energy Savings to Customers Using Efilm

Demonstrating Energy Savings to Customers Using Efilm

Increased energy efficiency may not mean much to the average property owner or anager until they actually see the cost savings involved in making these improvements to their building. These improvements include utilizing high efficiency light bulbs, upgrading HVAC systems, adding ceiling insulation, air sealing, caulking and installing a solar control window film.


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According to a 2015 study by the International Window Film Association (IWFA), the installation of window film is one of the most efficient energy retrofits available. Depending on the construction, location and window film used the study concluded that most installations will be paid off within two years.



Efilm Calculates a Building’s Energy Consumption and Costs


Efilm Calculates a Buildings Energy Consumption and CostsThere is no doubt that installing window film on a building is a smart investment and should be high on the list of energy efficient improvements for every building retrofit project. As a window film professional, you are equipped with the tools necessary to demonstrate these energy savings by using the Efilm program.


Efilm is an energy analysis program that allows you to simulate a building’s annual energy consumption by creating a 3D model of a building. This can be used to calculate a building’s approximate energy consumption and costs before and after application of solar control window film. Efilm was created specifically for the window film industry, and provides potential clients an estimated return on investment and detailed information on how consumption can be reduced with window film.



Sunscape Dealers Receive Free Efilm Training


Sunscape Dealers Receive Free Efilm TrainingEfilm is a very powerful program that will elevate you as a Sunscape Dealer to a new level of professionalism while demonstrating to clients the full potential of Sunscape films. Presenting a comprehensive Efilm report is a very useful sales tool and will help you to demonstrate your knowledge and close more sales.

The Efilm program, as well as training on how to use it, is available for free to all Sunscape dealers. If you are not currently using it in your sales presentations please contact us for assistance.