Save Time on Film Ordering with

Save Time on Film Ordering with

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As a small business owner you do it all, from film installs and sales calls to payroll processing and advertising, often working late into the evenings and on weekends. Madico has developed a way to save you time during your valuable business hours, accessible 24/7! With Shop Madico the task of ordering new film products can be reserved for after hours, leaving you more time to focus on profitable film installs during the day.

Access to Complete Product Line

The new user-friendly site provides U.S. window film dealers with a complete self-service experience online using a computer, tablet or smartphone to place orders any time, any day. gives dealers access to Madico’s entire product line of window films including architectural, automotive, safety and security and decorative as well as tools, accessories and marketing materials.

Simplified Ordering Process

The new eCommerce site simplifies the ordering process, making products accessible with the click of a button. features a fast product search and a comprehensive product selection, listing key information, pricing and technical specifications.

Customers can evaluate and compare products from the company’s comprehensive catalog of films, customize their order by selecting VLT and roll size, and either immediately place an order or save it to a list for later use.

Personalized Buying Experience

Users will quickly and easily be able to create a dedicated login, ensuring a fast checkout process that provides a personalized buying experience. allows customers to easily access order history and account information, track shipments and conveniently re-order with one click.

Free Shipping on First Online Order

Customers who create a ShopMadico account will be offered free shipping on their first order when purchasing online. ShopMadico accepts all major credit cards and PayPal. Contact your local Madico Service Center to set up an account.