Reduce the Cost of Vandalism with our Anti-Graffiti Film

With Anti-Graffiti window films from Madico, you can reduce the effects of vandalism and decrease the cost of property damage with ease.

What's art to some is an eyesore to others. Our Anti-Graffiti film offers an inexpensive solution, allowing you to simply replace the anti-graffiti film instead of the defaced window or glass door.

Graffiti Free<sup>®</sup>

Graffiti Free®

Madico Graffiti Free films act as a sacrificial barrier to help control vandalism and provide a cost-effective alternative to replacing damaged glazing. Graffiti Free window films are easily installed and replaced so your glass will always look its best.

Many common applications of Madico Anti-Graffiti films include:

  • Retail storefronts: Vandalism can create a harmful image for your establishment. With our Anti-Graffiti window films, you can maintain your reputation by quickly removing paint from your storefront.
  • Product displays: You can prevent costly graffiti-related damage to your product displays with our easily replaceable films.
  • Schools: Our Graffiti Free films can help reduce window replacement costs for school districts.
  • Transit systems: Transit systems like subways and airlines are commonly vandalized locations that you can protect with Graffiti Free films.
  • Elevators and escalators: If you own a retail establishment, you’ve probably experienced graffiti-related incidents in your elevators and on escalators. You can protect this expensive equipment with our resistant films.
  • Vending machines: Vending machines are easily accessible to the public, making them prime targets for vandalism. With Graffiti Free films, you can avoid costly glass replacements.
  • Restroom mirrors: Restrooms are common locations for destruction. Luckily, you can prevent damage to your mirrors with Anti-Graffiti films.
  • Museums: Graffiti Free window films are ideal for shielding glass art display cases from damage.

Graffiti Free is optically clear and distortion-free and can be used on the interior or exterior surface of glass or other smooth surfaces. The film is removable for easy replacement without leaving residue, improving turnaround time for maintenance.

When you use Graffiti Free film for your windows, you’ll experience these benefits:

  • Invisible vandalism protection: Our discreet films safeguard windows from vandalism without altering the appearance of your glass.
  • Easy installation and removal: If your property is vandalized, you can quickly remove and replace your Anti-Graffiti film with ease.
  • Helps retain broken glass fragments: Our high-impact window films keep glass together when shattered, deterring break-ins and reducing the risk of injuries.
  • Protects against scratching, spray paint, and acid etching: With Graffiti Free window films, you can seamlessly shield valuable objects from vandalism.
  • Cost-effective replacement when needed: It costs significantly less to replace window films than it does to replace a damaged window or object.

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