Protect Your Property with Graffiti Free Window Film

Graffiti Free

Discover Graffiti Free, the ultimate solution for safeguarding your property from vandalism. Ideal for schools, retail stores, and public transit systems, this innovative film provides a cost-effective barrier against graffiti and damage.

Vandalism Defense

Benefits of Graffiti Free

Graffiti Free offers unparalleled protection and convenience, ensuring your property remains safe and visually appealing. Each feature is designed to provide maximum benefit in various high-risk environments.

Invisible Vandalism Protection

Graffiti Free film is optically clear, providing protection without altering the appearance of your windows.

Easy Installation and Removal

Quick and simple to apply and remove, Graffiti Free minimizes downtime and maintenance costs.

Improved Maintenance

Allows for quick maintenance turnaround times, discouraging copycat crime.

Retains Broken Glass Fragments

Enhances safety by keeping broken glass shards together, preventing injuries and additional damage

Cost-Effective Alternative to Glass Replacement

A practical solution to replacing damaged glass, saving time and money on repairs.

Versatile Applications

Suitable for a wide range of settings including transit systems, retail storefronts, schools, and more

Protects Against Multiple Forms of Damage

Defends against scratches, spray paint, and acid etching, maintaining the integrity of your glass surfaces.

Graffiti Free

Product Overview

Graffiti Free by Madico is a revolutionary window film designed to protect glass surfaces from vandalism, including scratches, spray paint, and acid etching. Acting as a sacrificial barrier, Graffiti Free is easily installed and removed, ensuring that your glazing remains pristine without the need for costly replacements. Perfect for high-traffic public areas and educational institutions, this film not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also improves safety by holding broken glass fragments together. Trust Graffiti Free to keep your property looking its best while saving on maintenance and repair costs.

Product Specs