Vandalism Defense

Graffiti Free IR

Madico's Graffiti Free IR window film provides an innovative solution to safeguard your property against vandalism. Designed for easy installation and replacement, this film ensures that your windows remain pristine and secure.

Fight Vandalism

Benefits of Madico Graffiti Free IR

Madico Graffiti Free IR offers unparalleled protection and convenience for maintaining the appearance and safety of your windows. Here are the key benefits of using this advanced window film. By choosing Madico Graffiti Free IR, you invest in a durable, high-quality film that keeps your property looking its best while providing essential protection against vandalism and damage.

Invisible Vandalism Protection

Provides a clear, protective barrier against graffiti, ensuring your windows remain pristine.

Optically Clear

Maintains the visual clarity of your glass while offering robust protection.

Easy Installation and Removal

Designed for quick and effortless application and replacement, minimizing maintenance downtime.

Protects Against Scratches, Spray Paint, and Acid Etching

Defends your windows from various forms of vandalism, preserving their appearance and integrity.

Retains Broken Glass Fragments

Holds shattered glass together, enhancing safety in the event of breakage.

Cost-Effective Alternative to Glass Replacement

Offers a budget-friendly solution to window damage, saving money on costly glass replacements.

Graffiti Free IR

Product Overview

Madico Graffiti Free IR is a high-performance window film designed to protect against vandalism and damage. This optically clear film acts as a sacrificial barrier, preventing permanent damage from graffiti, scratches, and acid etching. It's particularly effective in high-traffic public areas such as transit systems, retail storefronts, schools, and more. The film is available in 4 and 6 mil thicknesses, ensuring robust protection while maintaining the aesthetic quality of the glass. By retaining broken glass fragments in the event of breakage, it also enhances safety. This cost-effective alternative to glass replacement not only saves money but also reduces maintenance downtime. Manufactured by Madico, a leader in high-performance window films, Graffiti Free IR is a reliable choice for maintaining the integrity and appearance of your glazing.

Product Specs