Experience the unparalleled water repellency and self-cleaning properties of HyTek® Self-Cleaning Film by Madico. Ideal for medical, industrial, and sporting goods applications, this film combines advanced technology with environmental compliance.


HyTek® Self-Cleaning Film

Discover the exceptional advantages of using HyTek® Self-Cleaning Film, crafted for optimal performance in diverse applications. Each benefit is designed to enhance the user experience by providing reliable and efficient water repellency and self-cleaning properties.

Exceptional Water Repellency

With a contact angle greater than 150°, the film provides superior water repellency, keeping surfaces dry and clean.

Self-Cleaning Properties

The film's self-cleaning properties ensure that dirt and water are easily removed, reducing the need for frequent cleaning. By incorporating these detailed descriptions and emphasizing the benefits, the product page will effectively communicate the value and versatility of the HyTek® Self-Cleaning Film to potential customers.

Durable and Reliable

Retains its superhydrophobic properties even after extensive aging tests, guaranteeing long-term effectiveness.

Eco-Friendly Construction

Made from materials compliant with EU RoHS and REACH regulations, the film is environmentally responsible.

Versatile Applications

Compatible with various printing technologies, making it suitable for a wide range of industrial and medical uses.

Accurate and Reliable Results

Prevents false results and cross-contamination in diagnostic test strips, ensuring precise and dependable outcomes.


Product Overview

Madico's HyTek® Self-Cleaning Film is designed to meet the needs of various applications requiring superior water repellency and self-cleaning capabilities. This specialty film features a superhydrophobic surface with a contact angle greater than 150°, ensuring excellent water repellency and minimal water mobility. The film's construction, which includes a printable polymeric substrate and a proprietary coating, is compliant with EU RoHS and REACH regulations, making it an environmentally friendly choice. Its robust design retains its properties even after extensive aging tests, making it reliable for long-term use. Additionally, the HyTek® film is compatible with various printing technologies, enhancing its versatility across different industries.

Product Specs


M956272 HyTek Superhydrophobic Film Sheet

This document provides a comprehensive overview of the HyTek® Self-Cleaning Film, including its benefits, applications, material construction, and test specifications.