While luxury cars are on most people’s wishlists, they’re not always within our price ranges. But just because a dream car is out of reach right now doesn’t mean you can’t improve your current vehicle. If you’re wondering how to make your car look better, think openly and creatively about the improvements you can make.

By upgrading your car’s exterior and interior, you enhance and preserve the vehicle’s appearance. And putting the brakes on a massive automobile purchase saves you thousands in hidden costs. Upgrades increase your car’s efficiency and create your desired look. From minor tweaks to major installments, car upgrades can suit any budget or goal.

Let’s take a look at some ways you can upgrade your car.

Ways to Upgrade the Exterior

When you drive, the world sees your car’s exterior. You choose the outside appearance of your vehicle upon buying and then maintain it as you see fit. If you’re looking for car upgrades, the outer surface of your car offers many possibilities. Whether a new paint job or an updated grille, you’re sure to find an upgrade that excites you.

Typically, the exterior of a car consists of the bumper, trim, windows, doors, wheels and headlights. Let’s look at some ways to update these features.

1. Repair the Paint

Your car’s paint job is a signature feature. But after years of use, the paint might start to chip or peel due to road exposure. Even worse, chipped paint can lead to rust formation, which could spread to other areas of your car. Updating the vehicle’s pigment is a clever way to both revamp the car’s appearance and protect it from outside elements.

Try a touch-up paint pen for an easy, inexpensive fix. Find one with the most similar shade and then apply the paint to the chip. Be sure to wash and wax the vehicle after the colorant dries.

2. Polish the Tires

Although tires are an essential component of your car, people often overlook their maintenance. Tires withstand huge amounts of dirt, gravel and other road materials, giving them a dusty and off-color look. But when you shine them, you give your car an extra perk-up. Even better, optimized tires increase your road performance and gas mileage. 

Additionally, you don’t necessarily have to replace all four tires to get that new glow — buy some tire polish and set aside time to give your tires a touch-up. Make sure to wash your tires thoroughly first with a trusted cleaner. Then, use tire shine to make your wheels look great. 

3. Wax the Surface

Waxing your car is a great way to preserve the paint job from fading and protect the surface from road dirt and UV rays. The wax restores your vehicle with a comprehensive, lasting shine. And it doesn’t have to break the bank, either — you can wax your car at home or take it to a local shop, depending on your budget.

If you want to try to wax at home and save money, remember to move your car to a shaded location. It’s best not to wax your car in direct sunlight to avoid heat damage. Wash your car first, then apply the wax either by hand or with a buffer. 

4. Add a Clear Bra

We all want our cars to look as shiny as the day we bought them. Unfortunately, our vehicles face road debris, harmful UV rays and other outside contaminants with each exposure to road elements. Paint starts to fade, making that new car glow suffer. 

Luckily, a clear bra, also known as paint protection film, protects your car from outside forces and helps it retain its initial appearance. Clear bra paint protection film is an expertly designed topcoat for vehicles, created to reduce harmful exposures and preserve the paint. It’s a durable and cost-effective upgrade for your car.

Made with synthetic materials that expand and contract, a clear bra is a modern invention to optimize your vehicle. Clear bra’s car protection extends to tree sap, stray rubble and everything in between. If you need a comprehensive upgrade, paint protection film might be your best bet.

5. Add Window Tint

Window tint is another upgrade that protects both you and your vehicle. If you’re sensitive to the sun’s rays or find them distracting when you’re trying to drive, window tint is a great option. This translucent sheet of film attaches to your car’s windows. In turn, it shields passengers and interior car features from the sun’s radiation. Car seats last longer with less exposure to UV rays, as will other inside components. Easy to install, window tint adds privacy and comfort to your drives. 

Allowed tint levels vary by state, so be sure to check out your state’s tinting limit before getting started. 

6. Try Windshield Film

Keeping your windshield in top-notch shape is a necessity for driving. The glass is susceptible to cracks and chips, so maintaining its quality is crucial for your safety. If you want to upgrade your windshield, check out windshield film. It’s an extra layer that adheres easily to the front of your windshield. The layer blends perfectly with the windshield, so it doesn’t detract from your car’s appearance or driving optics. With this added level of protection, your windshield is less likely to crack or scratch.

Due to the delicacy of the glass, we recommend consulting a professional for this installation. This upgrade ensures a new degree of safeguarding for your vehicle.

Ways to Upgrade the Interior

Car upgrades aren’t only for the exterior. The New American Driving Survey from AAA found that Americans spend an average of 59 minutes in their cars each day. Since we spend so much time in the interior, it makes sense to outfit your car with personal selections that suit your unique needs. The inside often reflects the driver’s personality and interests, and there are many different possibilities. 

Your interior includes the seats, floor, steering wheel, dashboard, radio, storage units and car trunk. Here are some ideas for interior updates. 

1. Add a New Steering Wheel Cover

A comfortable grip on your wheel enhances the driving experience. Whether you use a wheel cover or drive with a bare wheel, a new one can serve as a unique upgrade for your car’s inside features. Want to add a new splash of color to your drives? Steering wheel covers come in a multitude of colors and patterns, so you’re sure to find one that suits you best.

Steering wheel covers typically come at low prices, too. If you’re looking for quick or cheap car upgrades, this might be a great one for you. 

2. Add Seat Covers

Like steering wheel covers, seat covers add color and personality to your car. With a wide range of colors, you can pick the cover that suits your tastes. You can also find styles that add cushion and comfortability. Many feature extra heating functions or extra cushioning to optimize your drives fully. Do you have pets or kids? Check out stain-friendly and extra-durable options to protect your seat materials.

These are quick and cost-effective upgrades. Seat covers alter your interior at a low cost and allow for personalization, too. Not only that, but they’re easy to clean and install.

3. Replace the Floor Mats

Let’s face it — car floors get dirty. We track in the remnants from outside excursions every time we enter our cars. And if you have kids or pets, you might have even more floor messes to manage. Switching out your floor mats with new ones is a great way to give your interior a revived look. With many economical options, this upgrade is available for any budget.

Floor mats also protect your car’s floor. This protective layer preserves flooring from stains, spills and dirt. Find ways to match seat covers and floor mats for a unique look. Or, if you want to save money altogether, consider giving your floor mats a thorough wash. This strategy adds a new gleam to your interior without any price tag.

4. Get a Professional Clean

Sometimes, the best upgrade is an extensive clean. When spills, trash and dirt start piling up, an interior clean can give you the revitalization you need. Set aside time for an extended clean or look into professional cleaning services. Either way, the scrub is a cost-effective upgrade.

Try these techniques for a comprehensive, at-home clean:

  • Wipe all handles and knobs: Give everything from door handles to radio dials a thorough wipe-down using a cleaning agent that’s suitable for your car interior.
  • Dust the dashboard: Many stray crumbs and dust particles find homes on your dashboard. Using a microfiber cloth, clean surfaces in your car, even in the cracks and crevices, to create a like-new shine.
  • Vacuum everything: Use your vacuum to clear up any messes and crumbs. Be sure to look under your seats, behind floor mats and in cup holders for stray fragments.
  • Shine the windows: Get rid of any fingerprints and glass stains to give your windows a shiny new look.

Sometimes, a deep-clean is just what you and your car need to feel brand new. 

5. Try a Trunk Organizer

People use their car trunks for many different reasons. From first-aid kits to extra coats to stray grocery bags, trunks store many different essentials. But they can quickly get overloaded or disorganized. If this is your case, check out trunk organizers. This addition to your car keeps the back tidy and accessible.

Trunk organizers are available in many different sizes and shapes, making it simple to find one for your needs. Organizers are also a cost-effective option, averaging around $25.

6. Update Your Technology

If you’re wondering how to make your car more modern, try installing new technological features. Adding Bluetooth capability is a cool way to sync your music and mobile devices. Or, add a USB charging cable to one of your ports. The port allows you to charge your phone and other devices while on the road. That way, you don’t have to worry about your batteries dying during travel.

Another popular car feature is a phone mount. This feature elevates your phone or GPS to eye level, making for a safer driving experience. Mounts are available in many shapes and colors, all at economical prices. 

Auto Window Film Upgrade

Car windows are essential features of your car. Window film is another vehicle upgrade that reinvigorates the driving experience. For drivers, windows give you comprehensive views as you navigate the road. And for passengers, windows give a cohesive outside view of your trip. You deserve safe and secure windows for every drive. 

Automotive window film offers many advantages for drivers and passengers. The transparent sheet protects both your car features and your passengers. Here are more benefits of this installment:

  • Protection from the sun: The sun’s persistent rays often dampen fun car trips. And the beams aren’t just annoyances. Extended exposure to UV rays also damages human skin and interior car features, like seat fabric. And sun glares often cause road accidents. Window film provides a barrier between you and the sun. It reduces glares and allows you to enjoy rides while also staying safe. 
  • Enhanced appearance: Window film’s sleek design fits right in with any car model. It’s also available in many different colors, styles and shades. Better yet, window film slows the fading of your car’s interior. This preserves your car’s look for longer. No matter your preferences, the film upgrades your car’s look to the next level.
  • Temperature improvement: If you want to decrease your car’s air conditioning needs, window film might suit you perfectly. A darker film will provide more protection from the warming rays of the sun.
  • Increased privacy: One of window film’s best perks is improved privacy. Choose the shade that’s right for your needs and alleviate worries about the valuables in your car. Your driving experience becomes more personal as you avoid outside interferences.
  • Stronger safety: Automotive window film also has many safety features. In case of emergencies, the film helps to hold glass together, protecting passengers from further harm. The film’s durability allows for secure rides.

Overall, window film assists with the longevity of your vehicle. This option is both a current upgrade and a long-term investment for your vehicle.

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