If your home has windows which provide a lot of natural light, you may be forced to decide between a comfortable amount of light in your home during the day or enjoying the view outside. Window shades, curtains, and blinds are often the first thought for light control, but many times fully block the outside view or conflict with the room’s aesthetics.

Window film is a popular alternative to shades or blinds for solar control. Window film is a thin laminate that can be installed on the interior or exterior glass surfaces of your home. Offered in a variety of shades and reflectivity options, these films provide flexibility in controlling the sunlight coming through your windows. 

Here are a few of the many options Madico® offers to help you control sunlight in your home:

Types of Darkening Window Film

Solar Control Film

Interior view of a modern home with a spiral staircase and large windows.

Solar control films allow for some visible light to pass through the glass but will also absorb and block light to decrease the amount of bright light and glare in a space. The film also blocks the harmful UV rays that travel through windows during the day.

This type of window film cuts down summer heat and reflects light to your home in the winter to keep you warm, which will reduce your energy bill too. Madico offers solar control film in several shades and hues to match your home’s style.

Black Out Film

Residential home theater with windows covered in Black Out window film.

For rooms you want to be even darker, Blackout film is an excellent choice. An great choice for home theaters, bathrooms or bedrooms, Black Out film by Madico blocks 100% of light transmission. This film can be used to create privacy, for decorative applications, or to block unsightly views outside of your home.

Reflective Window Film

Vintage home with reflective film applied to windows

Reflective film is another effective way to darken a room while lowering energy costs. This type of film is designed to minimize the interior reflectivity of the glass to provide you with a more natural view at night. If you are looking for greater privacy and reduced glare, Optivision® Reflective window film by Madico might be the choice for you. It offers heat reduction, glass breakage protection, and a variety of styles to pick from.

Other Simple Ways to Darken a Room

Turn Off Extra Lights

Light in other rooms can often pass through cracks in doors and lighten a room. Turning off any unused light will prevent this and help save electricity and the environment. If soft light is desired, night lights or decorative lamps can offer a higher degree of light control.

Block Off Door Bottoms

In the same vein, blocking off the bottom edge of the doors in your house will stop light from coming through the cracks.  Major retailers sell draft-stoppers for under doors that can help block light as well.

Add Plants and Decorative Objects

To dim a room and add some decor, you can put a shelf up across your windows to place books, plants, or knick-knacks on. Don’t want to put up a shelf? If you have a big enough windowsill, place a potted plant or two in front of the window. A bonus: this will increase your home’s storage space too!

Increase Aesthetics and Energy Efficiency with Madico

All Madico solar control films were developed to block the sun’s glare and harmful UV rays from your home while enhancing its appearance. With the added benefit of energy efficiency, these films are an excellent choice for many residential homeowners. Browse our solar control films to find the film best suited for your home, or find a dealer near you to start planning an installation.

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