Are you looking for a way to create privacy for your home, car or business? Traditional window coverings such as shades, curtains and blinds can be expensive to install and challenging to remove without leaving permanent marks on and around your window.

Window film is the perfect alternative to traditional window coverings. It is ideal for people who would like a way to create privacy, shade and style with the flexibility of easy removal.

Removing window film, while not a difficult process, can differ depending upon its type and location. Once you have removed a window film, you cannot reapply it. To ensure that you remove it correctly without leaving any markings behind, read our guide on how to remove window film.

Many people find it helpful to have tinted window film, windshield film and paint protection film applied to their cars.

Car Window Film Removal

Many people find it helpful to have tinted window film, windshield film and paint protection film applied to their cars. Benefits can range from privacy to reducing interior heat to even adding an aesthetically pleasing element.

But there may come a time when you’re ready for window tint removal. When completing the steps for auto window film removal, the adhesive remaining on the glass can be more challenging to remove than the film itself. 

Tape Around the Window

To remove the film, begin by taping off areas around the window to ensure no damage will come to any part of your vehicle’s interior and protect the paint around your window’s exterior. 

Peel the Film Away Slowly

Slowly start peeling one edge of the film from the window’s surface. Continue carefully pulling the film away from the window to prevent most of the adhesive from sticking. 

Remove Adhesive Residue

For adhesive that remains stuck to your window, use a non-caustic cleaner specifically designed to remove adhesive. Apply the adhesive remover to the window area with the residue. Leave the remover on your glass according to the time recommended in the product instructions. Use a tool to scrape off any remaining residue.

Clean the Glass

Finally, restore your window to its original clarity by spraying a glass cleaner onto the surface, then wiping it down with a soft cleaning cloth or paper towels. 

Once you’ve cleaned the window’s surface of leftover adhesive residue, you can apply a new window tint with relative ease. Consider installing a high-performance, stylish and functional Madico®, Inc. automotive window film.

A tinted window film provides privacy and glare reduction, while yielding economic benefits such as energy cost savings.

Residential and Commercial Window Film Removal

Window films designed for homes and businesses have numerous benefits. A tinted window film provides privacy and glare reduction, while yielding economic benefits such as energy cost savings. 

Business owners can apply a window film with a printed advertisement or promotion to enhance their exterior appearance. Homeowners can choose different colors and tints of window films to elevate their houses’ curb appeal. The possibilities are virtually endless!

Pull the Film Slowly off the Glass

When removing a window film from a residential or commercial window, begin by grabbing a corner of the film and slowly pulling it from the window. The more carefully you pull on the film, the less adhesive residue will remain stuck to the glass. 

Remove Adhesive Residue

To remove excess adhesive residue from the window, begin by spraying the window down with water. Wetting adhesive glue makes the removal process much more straightforward. Next, take a razor blade and scrape upward in a vertical motion. Continue wetting the window down as necessary until no residue remains.

Remove Dry Adhesive Film

Sometimes, you’ll encounter a dry adhesive film. For this type of film, you’ll want to use a four-inch heavy-duty scraper, which will help remove the stubborn film you can’t pull off by hand. Scrape across the window in a horizontal motion until you’ve removed all the film.

When removing adhesive from your residential or commercial window, remember to keep it wet at all times. The wetter the window, the easier your adhesive will come off!

Finally, apply a new tint film to your window with Madico’s wide selection of residential and commercial window films.

Safety and Security Window Film Removal

At Madico, we know life can be unpredictable. From burglaries to natural disasters, the need to safeguard your windows is a top priority. Safety and security film from Madico will help protect your windows and glass from unexpected disasters and give you much-needed peace of mind.

By design, safety and security film is removable. The film is not a permanent solution — instead, it’s a protective barrier between the outside world and your window. For example, if somebody spray-paints your windows, you can remove and replace the film, rather than having to install a brand-new window. 

If your films do their job by holding together shattered glass in an attempted burglary or protecting your windows from graffiti, you’ll need to replace them as soon as possible. 

The most efficient way to remove safety and security film is to use a sharp blade to cut the film into strips. Make sure that you don’t press too hard when cutting the film, or you may damage the glass in your window. 

Once you’ve cut your film into strips, peel each strip individually. Like with other film removals, slowly peel the strips to get as much of the adhesive off as possible. 

Finally, after thoroughly removing the old adhesive, install new window film to ensure your window remains protected from external elements and threats. 

Whether you’re looking to apply it to your car, home or business, window film from Madico provides numerous impactful benefits.

High-Quality Window Film Sales and Installation

Whether you’re looking to apply it to your car, home or business, window film from Madico provides numerous impactful benefits. If you want to cut down on harmful UV rays, create more privacy, enhance your style or protect your windows from external threats, window film is the perfect non-permanent solution for all your needs.

Window films are easy to remove, and our team of trained professionals at Madico can install them efficiently. For more information on our line of window film styles for purchase and our window film installation, find a Madico dealer today!