Whether you rent or own an apartment, home, or business, creating a safe environment for friends, family, and employees is a top priority. Therefore, you need to do what you can to prevent burglars from breaking in. When it comes to break-ins, many burglars come through first-floor windows, so making your windows more secure should be a top priority for keeping unwanted visitors away.

Tips to Prevent a Break-In

One of the easiest ways to deter a burglar is to make it seem like you’re always home. Most intruders are less likely to enter a home if they think someone is home. Consider the following tips the next time you’ll be out of the house:

  • Leave a TV on: Keeping a TV on while you’re away can give the impression that someone is home. If a potential burglar hears or sees flashes of the TV playing from outside, they’ll likely think twice about what they’re about to do.
  • Park a car in the driveway: Another sign someone may be home is a car in the driveway. If you have a car that typically sits in the garage during the day, consider moving it to the driveway while you’re gone.
  • Leave lights on: Similar to leaving your TV on, lights can help deter intruders, as well. If your house is completely dark at night, it signals to burglars that there’s no activity. Putting your lights on timers can turn different lights around your house on and off to make it appear like someone is moving around inside. Additionally, leaving a porch light turned on will help.
  • Ask a neighbor to check in: If you’ll be gone for an extended period of time, like a vacation, ask a trusted neighbor to keep an eye on your house. Having them bring the mail inside or simply walking around the house can create activity that an intruder will avoid.
3 Ways Security Film Can Help Protect Your Windows

3 Ways Security Film Can Help Protect Your Windows

Most homeowners and business owners neglect window and sliding glass door security, which leads to opportunities for intruders attempting to gain access to a building. Installing window security film is an excellent way to protect your home from intruders by reducing visibility inside and strengthening the window against impact, especially on the ground floor.

1. Reduces Visibility of Valuables Inside Your Home or Business

Uncovered doors and windows provide anyone on the outside with a view of the valuables kept inside. A burglar has more incentive to enter a building or home they know has items worth stealing, so make it a challenge for anyone to see into your house. Increase your privacy and security with tinted window films. Window films let light in while making it harder for thieves to scope out your possessions.

2. Increased Resistance for Ground Floor Access

Many houses, apartments, and buildings have at least one window on the ground floor, if not more. Any window within reach can quickly become a target entryway. Madico® security films make it significantly more difficult for an intruder to compromise a window on the ground floor. Our window films enforce shatter-resistant technology to help create resistance against intruders and severe weather.

3. Strengthens the Most Fragile Area of Your Building’s Exterior

Glass is clear, elegant — and a highly fragile material. For many types of glass, a brick or bat is all you need to compromise the window and provide unimpeded entry to an intruder. Security film bolsters the defense of this vulnerable part of your building’s exterior by holding the broken glass together and delaying entry.

Additional Window Security Tips

When it comes to your property and personal belongings, there’s no such thing as taking too many security precautions. Many home and property owners also implement one or more of the following devices to their security plan:


One way to prevent a break-in is to maximize visibility around your building’s perimeter. You can achieve this technique by installing floodlights or motion lights to reduce the cover of darkness intruders seek. Some systems even use motion sensors and send phone notifications when motion is detected.

Security Cameras

Though a more expensive solution than floodlights, security cameras provide peace of mind due to their ability to see areas of interest on your property and provide a recording should a break-in occur. Some security camera systems also provide a companion mobile phone app to monitor your building remotely.

Window Locks

Most windows already have locks, and installing additional locks is an option that can enhance window security. A variety of locks exist to achieve optimal protection, including ventilation locks, hinge locks, locking pin locks, and keyed window security locks.

Get Peace of Mind With Madico Security Film

Protecting your home or business’s weak spots, like your windows, is crucial when it comes to preventing break-ins. Madico security window film can increase privacy in your home with tinted film and helps hold shattered glass together, making it harder for intruders to break in. In addition to protecting your windows from unwanted visitors, Madico window film also blocks 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays, which helps protect your skin and keeps out the heat and glare from the sun.

Madico offers a range of safety and security films for windows that offer both intrusion deterrence and aesthetic appeal. For protection against smash-and-grabbers, we recommend our anti-intrusion films. When you’ve found the film that meets the needs of your home or business, use our dealer search to find a Madico dealer near you for installation, and ask about our Manufacturer’s Warranty in North America!

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