Glass-Gard Anti-Spall Laminates

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Glass-Gard Anti-Spall Laminates

Madico’s Glass-Gard is a PET-based laminate that can be used with any brand PVB to achieve an additional protective layer to the interior (air) side of glass. This protective layer when combined with glass and PVB through an auto-clave or lamination oven process, increases the overall strength of the final glass construction and achieves superior anti-spall performance. Glass-Gard can be used with monolithic glass as a light weight solution, or in laminated glass to increase the overall strength without the need for additional layers. Glass-Gard anti-spall laminates combines Madico’s trusted hard coat, to create an excellent scratch and chemical resistant layer, so you can feel confident in the lifespan of our products.

7MIL and 15MIL Options

Madico offers the Glass-Gard anti-spall laminates in two thicknesses to help you achieve the glass performance necessary for today’s standards. Our 7MIL laminate is designed for typical anti-spall and additional strength that you commonly see in the industry and our 15MIL laminate offers additional strength and performance for higher risk applications.

Ease of Fabrication

The fabrication process with Glass-Gard laminates can be done with typical lamination equipment. Our laminates are used by many customers in both autoclave and lamination oven systems, requiring very little to no modification to the lamination process.

No Spall

When glass is impacted by an object, the pieces of glass can be dangerous to people inside of buildings, vehicles, or public transportation. Glass-Gard anti-spall laminates is a protective layer between the glass and people.

Light Weight Layer

Glass-Gard anti-spall laminates serves as a lightweight and efficient solution for enhancing the strength of the overall glass system. Through various testing, our anti-spall laminate has helped our clients reduce weight and thickness of their overall glass make-ups.

Used With Any Brand PVB

As an OEM glass fabricator, you want options when it comes to your suppliers. Madico’s Glass-Gard products are primed on one side to increase adhesion and can be used with any brand PVB.

Strength and Durability

The strength of Glass-Gard anti-spall laminates when combined with PVB, lies in its ability to withstand high-velocity impacts, dispersing energy and minimizing risk. Our laminates use Madico’s proven chemical and scratch resistant hard coat that offers glass-like properties.

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Forced Entry Resistant Glazing

Glass-Gard interlayers serve as a resilient barrier within laminated glass that has a high tensile strength and impact resistance making it exceptionally difficult to breach and effectively deterring unauthorized access. By integrating Madico’s PET based interlayer into laminated glass, buildings and other vulnerable spaces gain fortified protection against attackers.

Bullet Resistant Glazing

Bullet-resistant glass, when combined with Madico’s Glass-Gard interlayers has helped our customers reduce thickness and weight compared to our competitors’ products. Typically, the interlayers used in bullet resistant applications are designed to hold the glass system together and adds little strength to the structural aspect when impacted by a bullet. Adding Madico’s 7MIL or 15MIL Glass-Gard into the interlayer increases strength to the glazing system and aids in the overall performance during a ballistic attack.

Public Transportation Glazing

Laminated glass incorporating Glass-Gard interlayer can play a vital role in ensuring the safety of passengers in public transportation systems worldwide. Whether in buses, trains, or other public vehicles, our interlayer, provides a barrier against impacts, vandalism, and accidents. This not only protects passengers from injury due to broken glass, but also helps maintain the structural integrity of the vehicle, reducing the risk of catastrophic failures during emergencies.

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Storm Resistant Glazing

Storm-resistant glass performance requires anti-spall features as part of the protective glazing to withstand the impact of severe weather conditions, such as hurricanes, tornados, and other high-risk storms. The inclusion of Madico’s Glass-Gard anti-spall laminates, adds an extra layer of safety by minimizing the risk of glass fragmentation during high-velocity impacts. In the event of extreme weather, the anti-spall laminates help hold the glass together, preventing dangerous shards from dispersing and causing harm. Storm-resistant glass using our anti-spall laminates is commonly used in buildings located in hurricane-prone regions, offering both structural protection and the assurance of reduced injury from shattered glass.

Automotive Glazing

Glass-Gard anti-spall laminates adds a significant advancement in vehicle safety technology. Glazing systems designed with Madico’s anti-spall laminates enhances passenger protection by minimizing the risks associated with shattered glass during accidents or collisions. In the unfortunate event of a crash, the anti-spall film holds the glass together, preventing it from breaking into hazardous shards that could cause harm. This technology is especially crucial for windshields, side windows, and larger sunroofs, offering an additional layer of safety and strength in the event of rollover or impact. Automotive glazing with Glass-Gard anti-spall film contributes to overall vehicle safety standards.

Architectural Glazing

Architectural glazing with anti-spall laminates by Madico is used in various applications such as commercial buildings, government facilities, healthcare facilities, residential, and in any application where additional strength and protection is required. Beyond its safety benefits, this solution maintains transparency, allowing natural light to enter the building while ensuring a secure and aesthetically pleasing environment. Typical construction can comprise of both monolithic or laminated glass fabricated with our anti-spall laminates to the most inside surface of the overall glass construction.