Glass-Gard PET Interlayer

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Glass-Gard PET Interlayer

Glass-Gard interlayers is a PET based laminate, primed on both sides, and can be bonded with any brand PVB. Combining Madico’s Interlayer in a laminated glass system, is a cost-effective way to increase the overall strength for safety or security applications. The fabrication process is simple and can be done in an autoclave or lamination oven. Incorporating Glass-Gard interlayers not only enhances safety, but also contributes to a reduction in glass weight, making it a lightweight and efficient solution for various applications. Our interlayers can also be a canvas for printing, making it an ideal choice for decorative applications, such as glass partitions and facades. The printing aspect not only adds an aesthetic dimension, but also serves functional purposes, such as providing privacy through patterned or frosted designs.

7MIL and 15MIL Options

Madico offers the Glass-Gard interlayer in two thicknesses to help you achieve the glass performance necessary for today’s standards. Our 7MIL interlayer is a great option for safety applications, as it strengthens the performance of the overall interlayer stack. If your glass system needs to be more robust due to being installed in higher risk areas or installed in security applications, then our 15 MIL interlayer is a better option and stronger than the competition.

Ease of Fabrication

As a manufacturer ourselves, we understand the importance of proven processes in the fabrication and manufacturer spaces, which is why we designed our Glass-Gard interlayer to integrate into standard lamination processes. Our interlayer can be combined with any brand PVB in autoclaves or lamination ovens.

Light Weight Layer

Our customers are always looking for innovative and cost-effective ways to reduce the overall weight of their glass make-ups. The Glass Gard Interlayer combined with PVB, is an efficient way to boost the glass performance, while adding very little weight to the glass system. Even our 15MIL interlayer, that is double the performance than our competitors, is a much lighter application than adding an additional layer of glass or other substrate.


Our PET based interlayer can offer a wide range of flexibility for laminated decorative glass. Glass-Gard interlayer can be printed directly on, allowing for endless design possibilities for architectural glazing. Madico’s interlayer offers flexibility, whether you are looking for unique colors, patterns, gradients, or custom branding.

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Forced Entry Resistant Glazing

Glass-Gard interlayers serve as a resilient barrier within laminated glass that has a high tensile strength and impact resistance making it exceptionally difficult to breach and effectively deterring unauthorized access. By integrating Madico’s PET based interlayer into laminated glass, buildings and other vulnerable spaces gain fortified protection against attackers.

Bullet Resistant Glazing

Bullet-resistant glass, when combined with Madico’s Glass-Gard interlayers has helped our customers reduce thickness and weight compared to our competitors’ products. Typically, the interlayers used in bullet resistant applications are designed to hold the glass system together and adds little strength to the structural aspect when impacted by a bullet. Adding Madico’s 7MIL or 15MIL Glass-Gard into the interlayer increases strength to the glazing system and aids in the overall performance during a ballistic attack.

Public Transportation Glazing

Laminated glass incorporating Glass-Gard interlayer can play a vital role in ensuring the safety of passengers in public transportation systems worldwide. Whether in buses, trains, or other public vehicles, our interlayer, provides a barrier against impacts, vandalism, and accidents. This not only protects passengers from injury due to broken glass, but also helps maintain the structural integrity of the vehicle, reducing the risk of catastrophic failures during emergencies.

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Storm Resistant Glazing

Madico’s Glass Gard interlayer when bonded to glass using PVB, exhibits remarkable resilience against impact, wind pressure, and flying debris. Furthermore, Glass-Gard interlayer’s transparency ensures that the glass maintains its clarity and visibility, crucial for architectural aesthetics and natural light. The incorporation of our interlayer in laminated hurricane-resistant glass, not only enhances structural integrity, but also contributes to the safety of occupants in vulnerable areas, offering peace of mind amidst nature’s fiercest weather.

Automotive Glazing

Madico’s interlayers can play a crucial role in automotive glazing by enhancing safety for passengers. When Glass-Gard interlayer is bonded together within laminated glass, it offers additional strength and durability over traditional interlayers. In the event of an impact, the interlayer absorbs and disperses energy, minimizing the risk of shattering and reducing the likelihood of serious injury. Glass-Gard interlayer can boost your current laminated glass performance to meet the demands of stricter automotive crash and rollover testing.

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Architectural Glazing

Glass-Gard interlayer is an affordable way to enhance building safety and design. Our interlayers increase the structural integrity of traditional laminated glass, strengthening its ability to withstand extreme forces and impacts. By incorporating Glass-Gard interlayers, architects and engineers can push the boundaries of building design, creating structures that not only offer enhanced safety, but also greater flexibility in terms of architectural aesthetics. From high-rise skyscrapers to cultural landmarks, the use of Madico’s interlayers in architectural glass, empowers designers to realize their vision, while prioritizing occupant safety and structural integrity.